Nomination Program for year 2020-2021 for Skilled Migration Visas

Skilled Migration Visa Nomination Program for year 2020-2021

Skilled Migration Visa Nomination Program for year 2020-2021

Skilled Migration visas nomination policy for the financial year 2020 - 2021

2020-21 Skilled Migration Visa Nomination Program

The full 2020-21 Victorian skilled visa nomination program(subclass 190 and 491) will open on Tuesday 5 January, 2021. Like the interim program, the full program responds to challenges posed by the corona virus pandemic, with a focus on Victoria’s health response or economic recovery.

You must register your interest on Live in Melbourne and be selected to apply for Victorian visa nomination. You must also ensure you meet the relevant visa nomination eligibility criteria before submitting a Registration of Interest.

Victoria provides visa nomination to highly skilled professionals, already employed and living in Victoria for the Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190 and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass491. 

To be selected to apply for Victorian skilled visa nomination and assessment, you must first make or update an EOI via Skill Select and then submit a Registration of Interest for Victorian State Visa Nomination.

International student graduates and PhD applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are also encouraged to apply. Applicants with a track record of commercialising innovative ideas and bringing them to market will also be highly regarded. 

If you have already submitted a Registration of Interest(ROI) during the interim program, you do not need to submit another ROI. Your existing ROI will still be considered.

Victoria will select highly talented applicants who are currently living and working in Victoria, using their STEMM skills in a target sector. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be considered for selection and should not submit a ROI.

To select applicants, Victoria will:

Remove all ineligible ROI's from selection pool.

Read all eligible ROI's and ROI's demonstrating exceptional talent are selected.

Rank all remaining eligible ROI's within each target sector by EOI points score and select accordingly.

A ROI with a higher score may not be selected in the following circumstances:

The ROI with a lower score demonstrated exceptional talent and contribution to their sector, or the ROI with a higher score may have been determined to not be working in a target sector.

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