Dependent Student Visa Australia

This visa allows the dependent family memebrs of Subclass 500 visa holder to join the student in Australia.

Subclass 500 Student Visa Subsequent Entrant

The dependent family members of the student visa holder can join the student in Australia. Only those dependents who are member of the family unit of the student are eligible to lodge Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant visa.

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500

Include your family as Subclass 500 dependent visa

You can include members of your family unit when you lodge your visa application. For student visas, member of your family unit is your partner, or your or your partner's dependent child who is unmarried and has not turned 18 years of age. The 'Department of Home Affairs' (DOHA) cannot grant student visa dependent Australia, to your child if they have turned 18 years at the time your visa is finalised. They need to apply for their own visa.

Student Subsequent Entrant Visa

You must declare your family members in your student visa application even if they do not plan to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, your family members will not be eligible for a student visa to join you in Australia. You can include a family member in your application or they can apply to join you later as Australia student visa subsequent entrant, if you declared existing family members at the time you lodged your application, or they became your family member after you were granted the visa. Existing family unit members must have been declared at the time of lodgement of your application.

Dependant visa Australia Subclass 500

If a person became your family unit member after you lodged your application and before you were granted the visa, you must have informed DOHA in writing before your visa was granted. Where subsequent entrants are siblings (two or more children with no parent), they must make separate student visa applications and each pay the base application charge to join their parent.

New Born Baby as Subsequent Entry visa 500

your baby will be considered to hold any visa(s) that you and the other parent held when the baby was born. Your baby will also be added to any unfinalised visa applications you may have before the Department at the time of your baby's birth.

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500 Fees

The base application charge for dependent visa Australia subclass 500 is A$650, and any additional applicants who are above 18 will cost A$480, and any additional applicants who are less than 18 years old will cost A$180. If applicants for Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant visa are applying second time a temporary visa while being in Australia, then an additional A$700 will be included into the fees for each applicant.

OSHC for Student Dependent

All Student dependents applying for Subsequent Entrant visa must also take Overseas Student Health Cover.

Student Dependent Visa Australia Processing Time

The processing time for student dependant visa is approximately 2 to 4 months.

Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Dependent Visa?

Student dependent visa is for members of the family unit of student visa holder, who were not included in the student's visa application, but were declared as members of the family unit.

What is Subsequent Entrant?

Student Visa Subsequent Entrant Meaning is the dependent family members of the student visa holder, who wish to join the student visa holder in Australia, after student was granted the visa.

Can a Student Visa Dependent Work in Australia?

Yes, student visa dependents are allowed to work in Australia. The number of hours you are allowed to work depends on whether the primary student visa holder is studying a Masters or higher level degree or not.

How to apply for Student Dependent Visa in Australia?

The application for student dependent visa in Australia is made online through Department of Home Affairs Immi Account.

Can i change my Student Visa to Dependent Visa?

Yes, if you can lodge dependent visa while you are on a student visa. However you must comply with all the conditions of your student visa, till such time that your student dependent visa is granted.

Can Spouse Work on Dependent Student Visa in Australia?

Yes, spouses of student visa holders can work while they are student dependent visa. The number of hours in a week they are allowed to work depends on the student visa holder's level of study. Masters by coursework student's spouse can work full time.

How to Change Dependent Visa to Student Visa in Australia?


How to make an application for a student subsequent entrant visa?


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