Diesel Mechanic Courses

The Automotive Diesel Mechanic Courses is designed for students who want to work in the automotive industry as Diesel Motor Mechanics.

Automotive Diesel Engine Course in Australia

You can develop your skills to be a Diesel Motor Mechanic with Certificate iii in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology.

Certificate iii in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology

This course is for you if you enjoy working in the maintenance and repair of diesel engines. After completing this course, you'll be able to work on a wide range of vehicles such as diesel cars, small vans, and trucks with confidence.

Expert teachers will lead you through the program, which combines practical study with a theory which will be examined at the end of each competency.

This nationally recognized qualification will lead you to work as a Diesel Motor Mechanic.

This training program requires 360 hours of work experience, and it can be paid or voluntary and should be arranged by the student, but some work placements might be organized by the institution.

For certain industry placements, you may need to travel outside of your typical training site to get work experience.

Automotive Diesel Engine Technology Fees

Annual tuition fees for Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology are between A$12,000 to A$16,000 depending on the college you choose.

Automotive Diesel Engine Technology Duration

Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology is of 12 to 18 months duration depending on the college you choose.

Possible Career Outcomes after completion of this course

The career options after completing this program that you could have are head chef, kitchen attendant, catering team helper, sous chef, restaurant manager, banquet manager, food and beverage manager, catering manager, executive chef, qualified cook, or chef.

Students can choose to continue to study Heavy Plant Machinery courses.

Course Admission Requirements (for International Applications)

Academic IELTS score of 5.5 overall with a minimum of 5.0 in all bands or equivalent.

Satisfactory completion of Year 12 or overseas equivalent.

Diesel Mechanic Course for International Students Locations

You can study the Certificate iii in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

Institutions where you can study Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Some of the institutions where you can study Automotive Diesel Engine Technology course to become a Diesel Motor Mechanic are as follows:

Diesel Mechanic Course Melbourne (VIC)

Ashton College Melbourne

Signet Institute of Australia Melbourne

Diesel Mechanic Course Adelaide (SA)

Signet Institute of Australia Melbourne

Diesel Mechanic Course Perth (WA)

Skills Institute Australia Perth

Diesel Mechanic Course Canberra (ACT)

Not Available

Diesel Mechanic Course Sydney (NSW)

Signet Institute of Australia Sydney

InTech Institute of Technology Sydney

Oceania College of Technology Sydney

Diesel Mechanic Course Brisbane (QLD)

Skills Institute Australia Brisbane

InTech Institute of Technology Brisbane

Oceania College of Technology Brisbane

Diesel Mechanic Course Darwin (NT)

Not Available

Diesel Mechanic Course Hobart (TAS)

Not Available

Diesel Motor Mechanic Occupation in Demand

Studying Automotive Diesel Engine Technology allows you to nominate the occupation of Diesel Motor Mechanic for Australian General Skilled Migration. The occupation of Diesel Motor Mechanic is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

What Diesel Motor Mechanics Do

Detect and diagnose faults in engines and parts.

Dismantle and remove engine assemblies, transmissions, steering mechanisms, and other components, and check parts.

Repair and replace worn and defective parts and reassemble mechanical components and refer to service manuals as needed.

Perform scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubrication, and engine tune-ups, to achieve smoother running of vehicles and ensure compliance with pollution regulations.

Reassemble engines and parts after repair.

Test and adjust mechanical parts after being repaired for proper performance.

Diagnose and test parts with the assistance of computers.

May inspect vehicles and issue road worthiness certificates or detail work required to achieve road worthiness.

Pathway to Temporary and Permanent Visas

An applicant who nominates an occupation on the MLTSSL list can apply for a:

An applicant who nominates an occupation on the STSOL list can apply for a:

Diesel Motor Mechanic Global Industry

Motor Mechanic Australian Industry

Motor Mechanic Weekly Earnings

In Australia, the average Diesel Motor Mechanic weekly salary in Australia is A$1875 per year or A$50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at A$1471 per year, while most experienced workers make up to A$2607 per year.

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