Migration to Australia under Global Talen Visa

Requirements for migration to Australia under Global Talent Visa program

Global Talent Visa skilled migration to Australia

Requirements for Skilled Migration to Australia under Global Talent Australia visa program.

Global Talent pathway requirements

To be eligible for priority processing under the Global Talent pathway, candidates must submit an online Expression of Interest and receive an invitation to apply.

The Global Talent Visa Program is designed to complement, and not replicate, other Skilled Programs. This program is not for mid-level professionals or entry level academics. Candidates must demonstrate that they are amongst the brightest and best in their field in one of the priority sectors. Candidates who have skills of benefit to Australia, but are not industry or academic leaders should consider other visa options.

As part of the online Expression of Interest, candidates must provide information about their identity, contact details, location, occupation, employer, salary, qualifications, details of their achievements in one of the priority sectors and their ability to contribute to Australia.

All fields must be completed in full and in English. Expressions of Interest that do not provide complete information in the relevant field, and instead refer the reader to attached evidence, may be de prioritised or closed.

Required supporting documentation includes:

- Passport bio-page

- Employment

- Salary

- Qualifications

- Internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement

Nominator Requirements

Candidates should also provide details of a nominator with a national reputation in the same sector as the candidate. The nominator must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian organisation. Candidates without evidence of a suitable nominator will have their Expression of Interest closed or experience significant delays in processing.

Examples of eligible nominators may include authorised representatives of peak industry bodies, departmental heads from relevant organisations or individuals with an exemplary record of achievement in the sector. We regularly verify information provided by nominators.

Candidates should obtain the following information in preparation for their Expression of Interest:

- Full name and date of birth of nominator or representative from Australian organisation

- Nominator email address and telephone number

- Nominator occupation and employer

- Relationship between candidate and nominator

- Details of nominator’s national reputation in the sector

- Form 1000 – Nomination for Global Talent

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