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Arwinder Singh

Mobile: +61 410 916 706


Arwinder Singh- Grad Cert in Migration Law

Principal Consultant

Why Registered Migration Agents

1. Registered Migration Agents (MARA Agents) are qualified in Australian Migration Law and Policy.
2. A code of conduct binds migration Agents to act in the client's interest.
3. Migration Agents have met and continue to meet professional standards relating to knowledge and character.
4. Registered Immigration agents are required to handle client monies transparently.

If someone who is not a Registered Migration Agent and gives you immigration assistance, they might:

5. A Non Registered Migration Agent may not know about Australian Migration Law and may give you incorrect advice.
6. A Non Registered Immigration Agent may make false promises and try to take advantage of your situation.
7. Not handle your money the right way (some have taken large amounts of money from their clients).
8. Non Registered immigration consultants may not keep proper files and misplace your essential documents (including your original ones).
9. Non Registered Immigration Agents may not tell you if and when the Department grants or refuses your visa application.

When you contact an Atlantis Visas migration consultant or associate, you can have peace of mind that all advice related to Australian Visas and planning for your case will come from a Registered Migration Agent/s after a careful and thorough research as per your circumstances.

When You Should Engage an Immigration Lawyer

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

You will need a migration lawyer to appeal the decision of the AAT-MRD to the Federal Circuit Court based on the reason that the AAT made an error of law and that the error contributed to the decision.

Federal Court / High Court of Australia

In certain circumstances the appeal will be heard by a Full Court of the Federal Court, for example: where at least one of the members of the AAT that gave the decision was a Judge; or a presidential member.

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November 9, 2021

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Find out how we can help you to study, visit, live, work, invest and/or do business in Australia.

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