Sponsored Parent Visa 870

This temporary visa lets a parent of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit Australia for up to 3 or 5 years.

Subclass 870 Parent Sponsore Visa Australia

Sponsored Parent (Class GH) Subclass 870 Visa

This temporary visa lets a parent of an Australian citizen, Australian  permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen visit Australia for  up to 3 or 5 years.

Visa Holders Work Rights in Australia on Visa Subclass 870

The visa has no work rights in Australia.

Sponsored Parent Subclass 870 Visa Subsequent Entrant

If you have spouse/partner, they will need to lodge a separate application; and kids can not be included in your application.

Sponsored Parent Subclass 870 Visa Extension

A concession to extend this visa by 18 months will be available to eligible visa holders. Associated sponsorship obligations will also be extended for the same period. You can apply for further visas to visit up to a maximum period in Australia of 10 years.

Sponsored Parent Subclass 870 Visa Application Fees

First visa application charge is A$1,145; Second visa application charge up to 3 years A$4,590; up to 5 years AUD10,325. Subclass 870 visa fees is paid in two installments.

Estimated Processing Time for 870

Standard Application: 75% of applications in 4 Months, 90% of applications in 7 Months. However individual 870 visa processing times can vary.

Parent Visa Subclass 870 Eligibility

Be Eligible to Apply for Sponsored Parent Visa

To be eligible to apply, you must be the biological, legal (including adoptive) parent, step-parent or parent in-law of the Parent Sponsor and be at least 18 years of age. There is no balance of family test or Assurance of Support requirements for this visa.

Have a Sponsor for 870 Parent Visa

You must have an approved Parent Sponsor to apply for this visa.

Have Met Any Previous Visa Obligations

You must have met and complied with any previous visa obligations.

Have Enough Money for Parent Visa 870

You must have, or have access to, enough money to support yourself while you are in Australia.

Genuine Visitor for 870 Australian Visa

You must only intend to stay temporarily in Australia and do the things you are allowed to do on this visa. If you have already lodged a permanent parent visa application, you may visit Australia, but not remain in Australia permanently while the application is being decided. This is a temporary visa only. You will not have the right to permanent residence. You cannot apply for a permanent or temporary parent visa if you have applied for or hold this visa.

How Long Sponsorship Lasts

Your sponsorship will end; if your permanent visa is cancelled, or if you die, or if you withdraw your sponsorship, or if the prospective visa applicant does not apply for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa within 6 months after approval of the sponsorship, or the day the granted Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa ends. Some Parent Sponsor obligations will continue after the sponsorship ceases, including the obligation to pay any outstanding health debts incurred by the sponsored parent in Australia, even after their visa has ceased or they have left Australia.

870 Visa Health Insurance and Other Requirements

You must meet Australia's health, character, Australian values requirement and owe no debt to Australian Government; and maintain Health insurance if you are granted the visa. Detailed evidentiary requirements are defined in 870 visa checklist.

Sponsored Parent Visa 870 Policy Updates

Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Visa Policy

These are some of the relevant policies relevant to Subclass 870 visa application.

Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Visa Updates

Sponsored Parent Visa 870 News

These are some of the news relevant to global talent subclass 870 visa.

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