CPA Australia Skills Assessment

CPA Australia can assess if your skills and experience meet the Department of Home Affairs standards for Visas and Migration for Accountants, Auditors and Finance Managers.

Certified Practising Accountants of Australia Skills Assessment Authority

CPA Australia provides the following migration assessment services: Full skills assessment, Provisional assessment for Temporary Graduate visa and Skilled employment assessment.

CPA Australia Skills Assessment Occupations

CPA Australia is a designated assessing authority and can determine if you meet the educational standard for the occupations listed below:

Accountant (general) – 221111
Corporate Treasurer – 221212
External auditor – 221213
Finance manager – 132211
Management accountant – 221112
Taxation accountant – 221113

CPA Skills Assessment Fees

Fees will vary depending on whether you are onshore applicants or offshore applicants:

Skills Assessment: A$540 (Onshore) or A$490 (Offshore)
Update Application: A$170 (Onshore) or A$155 (Offshore)
Apply for an Assessment under a new ANZSCO code: A$190 (Onshore) or A$173 (Offshore)
Appeal an Assessment Outcome: A$170 (Onshore) or A$155 (Offshore)
Withdraw Application: A$80 (Onshore) or A$73 (Offshore)

Processing time

It takes approximately 15 to 20 business days to process applications once all necessary documents are received by the CPA. Please note this wait time may vary depending on the volume of applications. If your application requires additional supporting details, your assessment will be put on hold until that information is received.

CPA Australia provides the following migration assessment services: Full skills assessment for Points Tested and Employer Sponsored visas, Provisional assessment for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) Graduate Work stream and Skilled employment assessment.

Supplementary Services by CPA Australia

The following are the supplementary services provided by CPA Australia:

Update an existing application with additional details.
Request to be assessed under an additional ANZSCO code.
Request for skilled employment assessment.
Appeal an assessment outcome.

Qualifications and Knowledge for CPA Australia Skills Assessment

You must hold a qualification that CPA will assess to be an equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor's degree. CPA Australia follows the Australian Government's Department of Education, Skills and Employment guidelines when assessing overseas qualifications.

Provisional assessments for the subclass 485 visa require you to have an Australian bachelor's degree or minimum 12-unit Master's degree in accounting, business, commerce or economics.

Qualifications that meet the degree comparability requirement will be assessed for relevance to your chosen occupation. This is conducted using the following mandatory competencies according to each ANZSCO code:

For Occupations of Accountant (General) - 221111, Corporate Treasurer - 221212, Finance Manager - 132211 and Management accountant - 221112

Accounting systems and Processes
Business Law
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Finance and Financial Management
Management Accounting
Quantitative Methods

For the Occupation of Taxation accountant - 221113

Accounting Systems and Processes
Australian Taxation Law (Study must cover Australian Taxation Law)
Business Law
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Finance and Financial Management
Management Accounting
Quantitative Methods

For the Occupation of External auditor - 221213

Accounting Systems and Processes
Audit and Assurance
Business Law
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Finance and Financial Management
Management Accounting
Quantitative Methods

English Language Proficiency for CPA Skills Assessment

The English language proficiency requirement of the migration skills assessment is mandatory. Your English Language Proficiency test report must be valid at the time of your assessment outcome.

Accounting Professional Year Program

If you have completed the Accounting Professional Year Program, please provide a high-resolution colour scan of your program completion certificate and transcript.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

For verification purposes you'll need to authorise CPA access to your results through the Cambridge Candidate website.

The minimum acceptable scores are: General Skills Assessment - 185 (Listening), 185 (Reading), 185 (Writing), 185 (Speaking); Provisional Skills Assessment: 169 (Listening), 169 (Reading), 169 (Writing), 169 (Speaking).

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

CPA Australia only accepts the Academic IELTS test for General Skills Assessments. It accepts either the Academic IELTS or the General IELTS for the Provisional skills assessments.

The minimum acceptable scores are: General skills assessment (only Academic IELTS test can be accepted) - 7.0 (Listening), 7.0 (Reading), 7.0 (Writing), 7.0 (Speaking); Provisional skills assessment (Academic or General IELTS can be accepted) - 6.0 (Listening), 6.0 (Reading), 6.0 (Writing), 6.0 (Speaking).

PTE Academic

For verification purposes, please ensure that your score report contains both your Score Report Code and Registration ID. CPA will be unable to verify your scores without your score report code.

The minimum acceptable scores are: General skills assessment - 65 (Listening), 65 (Reading), 65 (Writing), 65 (Speaking); Provisional skills assessment - 50 (Listening), 50 (Reading), 50 (Writing), 50 (Speaking).

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT

The minimum acceptable scores are: General skills assessment - 24 (Listening), 24 (Reading), 27 (Writing), 23 (Speaking); Provisional skills assessment - 12 (Listening), 13 (Reading), 21 (Writing), 18 (Speaking).

CPA Australia Skilled Employment Assessment

You may be eligible to claim additional points for 'Points Test' to support your Skilled Migration visa application. This depends on whether you've worked in a relevant professional role. CPA Australia can assess your employment history to determine if it's closely related to your selected ANZSCO occupation, and if it’s at a level expected from Australian employers.

To address potential fraud or document manipulation, CPA Australia will not accept additional information or altered references after they have determined an outcome.


Work experience and employment claims are considered after CPA Australia has completed a full skills assessment outcome for your nominated occupation. Volunteering or work experience that was required as part of your education will not be recognised as skilled employment.

CPA Australia will Only Assess Employment that

Is assessed as closely related to the ANZSCO occupation for which you have received a suitable skills assessment outcome.
Occurred in the 10 years before your CPA Australia skills assessment application date.
Occurred after you completed a formal qualification, or combination of qualifications, that we have assessed as equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree.
Was paid and continuous for a minimum of 20 hours a week.
Is at least one year of accumulated employment, for at least three months for each role.

Employer Testimonials

For employment claims to be recognised for skilled employment, you must provide: A signed testimonial from your employer, and an employment contract and pay slips to substantiate your employment claims. CPA Australia do not accept CVs or resumes as evidence of your employment.

- Testimonial must include the official letterhead of your employer, which must include the full address, telephone, email and website address of the business; and
- The name and position of the person authorised to sign your employment reference or testimonial, including their signature.
- References from colleagues at the same level or below are not acceptable.
- The direct work email and phone number of the individual writing the reference. Personal contact is not acceptable.
- Complete start and end dates of your employment history. Multiple roles within the same organisation must be listed separately, with specific start and end dates. Please specify all dates in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY.
- The duties and responsibilities for each role. These must be written in your employer’s own words and be relevant to your daily and monthly tasks/responsibilities. Generic job descriptions or tasks copied from the Australian Bureau of - Statistics (ABS) occupation definitions won’t be accepted.
- The employment terms, that is permanent or temporary; your work hours each week and your salary.

CPA Australia may request further documentation to complete your skilled employment assessment.

If you are unable to obtain an employment reference on a business letterhead, a statutory declaration may be considered. This should contain details of why you couldn’t secure a reference and must include the criteria required in a testimonial, outlined above.

CPA Australia reserves the right to contact your employer for future verification. If your submission is suspected to contain fraudulent or misleading information, we have the right to refuse your application with no refund and may report this information to the Department of Home Affairs.

Employment Contract and Pay Slips

These are used to substantiate your employment claims. If you have multiple jobs, you'll need to provide the employment contract and pay slips for each one. We require a minimum of three pay slips for each role being claimed for. They should ideally be from the start, middle and end of each role.

A self-written summary outlining your employment history

This is used to indicate the employment claims you want us to assess. Please don’t list your duties or responsibilities in your self-written summary as these need to be provided by your employer in your employer testimonial.

The summary must include details of your current and past employers’ business names, roles/position titles, specific start and end dates (DD/MM/YYYY) for each role/position, number of working hours per week and salary. These details can be listed in bullet/dot points.

CPA Australia may request further documentation before finalising your skilled employment assessment; and

Won’t recognise accumulated time for work/client engagements that were performed during the same period. (For example, you cannot claim more than 12 months of experience in a 12-month period. If you’ve undertaken concurrent work, its recommended that you provide a testimonial for the role that’s most suitable for the ANZSCO code you applied for. CPA Australia will ensure that the longest possible period of skilled employment is recognised in your final assessment.


Self-employed applicants must provide a testimonial written on their official letterhead. The letterhead must include the full address, telephone, email and website of the business. The testimonial must be accompanied with a Statutory Declaration confirming its truthfulness.

The testimonial must include: specific start and end dates, work hours each week, duties or responsibilities undertaken in each position and your salary.

You will need to include high-quality scans of: your official business name registration, practising certificate, tax returns of your first, middle and final year (if relevant) of business operation, references from two or more clients on letterhead, stating the work your business conducted and the start and end date of the engagement.

If your self-employment occurred outside Australia, CPA Australia will accept substitutes for the above-mentioned documents but they must confirm the same information. For example, some countries may issue a 'Tax Registration' document rather than a 'Business Registration' document.

Managing the accounts or accounting duties of your own business may not be considered as meeting the requirements.

Documents Required for CPA Australia Skills Assessment

Passport (photo page) or national ID card.
Proof of name change (if applicable).
Official academic awards (My eQuals is preferred for relevant Australian study).
Official academic transcripts, including those of prior studies if you have received exemptions for your degree (My eQuals is preferred for relevant Australian study).
Detailed syllabus for all qualifications not accredited by CPA Australia.
Professional body qualification (if applicable) - exam results, membership certificate.
Evidence of English language proficiency.
Third-party authorisation (if a third party is acting on your behalf).

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