CDU Bachelor of Nursing

This degree will get you ready to meet healthcare needs in your area and beyond, while also keeping up with new global healthcare trends.

Bachelor of Nursing Charles Darwin University

Once you complete the Nursing CDU, you will be all set to be a safe, collaborative, clear-spoken, and ethical registered nurse. This degree gets you ready to help with local, national, and regional healthcare needs, and to understand new global healthcare trends.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU

To finish the CDU Nursing and become a Registered Nurse, you need to do two kinds of firsthand learning: simulation blocks and professional experience placements. You will have simulation blocks each year, which can be done in a 4-day intensive or weekly classes.

No matter how you are studying, you must do full-time professional experience placements. You will work different shifts, even on weekends and holidays. These placements might be outside of your enrolled semester.

Bachelor of Nursing CUD Entry Requirements

To get in, you will need:

  • IELTS (Academic): with a band score of 7.0 in all parts.
  • TOEFL Internet-based: with at least 94 overall, and 27 in Writing, 23 in Speaking, and 24 in Reading and Listening.
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic): with a total score of 65 and at least 65 in Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening.
  • Occupational English Test (OET): with at least a B/350 in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU Fees

The approximate total cost for the whole course is around $93,120 for CDU.

CDU Bachelor of Nursing Duration

3 years.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU Intakes

March intake.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU Locations

Casuarina campus.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU Prior Learning

RPL checks if the skills, knowledge, and experience you have from past education, work, or life can count for a CDU qualification. Depending on your experience, you might get part or all a certificate or diploma without having to redo things you already know.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU outcomes

You could become a Nurse Health Coach, helping people with their well-being. Or you might choose to be a Nurse Nutritionist, focusing on healthy eating. If you are interested in the administrative side, being a Medical Claims Analyst could be a good fit. Public Health Nurse is another option, where you would work to improve community health. For those who want to support patients and families at the end of life, Hospice Nurse could be fulfilling. If teaching is your passion, you could become a Nurse Educator. Or, if you are into management, Health Services Director might be right for you. And lastly, if you prefer one-on-one care, being a Home Care Nurse could be rewarding.

Bachelor of Nursing CDU unit Information

Primary Health Care NUR135

In this unit, you will learn about primary health care and community practices. You will study frameworks and ways to care for people of all ages. Using a positive approach, you will think carefully to create safe and respectful care for the community.

Introduction to Health and Wellbeing NUR130

In this unit, you will learn about the importance of health and wellbeing throughout life. You will take a positive approach and explore health from different angles, including the health priorities of Australia's diverse population, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Professional Practice NUR131

Nursing is a highly trusted profession globally, known for its ambitious standards, ethics, and regulations. In this unit, you will learn about modern nursing practice and the rules that guide it politically, legally, and ethically.

Communication for Person-Centered Practice NUR132

Excellent communication in nursing is vital for caring about the person, keeping patients safe, and their health. This unit will teach you about language, reading skills, and diverse ways to talk, which are important for both your job and studying.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health NUR133

This unit will teach you how to help improve health and support the goals of Indigenous communities. Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involves respecting their knowledge and culture and working together to make health decisions. You will learn strategies to achieve better health results and honor their choices.

Professional Experience Placement 1 NUR134

This unit gives you a chance to put what you have learned into practice. You will work in a real healthcare setting and show how well you can care for people and use what you have learned. You will focus on person-centered care and show that you are skilled in your job as a first-year nursing student.

Anatomy and Physiology 1 SBI171

This unit starts by teaching about cells and genetics, and then moves on to the big parts of the body like muscles and bones. You will learn about how nerves and muscles work, as well as the heart, lungs, hormones, and reproduction.

Anatomy and Physiology 2 SBI172

This unit starts by looking at how our bodies use nutrients from different foods. Then, it teaches about the anatomy and function of the digestive, nervous, and urinary systems. You will also learn about how our bodies change as we grow and get older.

Digital Technology in Healthcare NUR252

Modern technology has made a significant difference in healthcare, improving how we talk, check, treat, and manage health. This unit will look at the World Health Organization’s plan for digital health and Australia's plan too. You will learn about the latest technologies used around the world to focus on important health issues.

Pathophysiology for Healthcare SBI241

In this unit, you will learn important science ideas that help us understand how the body works normally and when something goes wrong. You will study changes in the body for both short-term and long-term conditions throughout life. This includes how diseases affect different body systems and what happens when things go bad.

Pharmacology for Clinical Practice SBI242

In this unit, we will use the National Quality and Safety Standards for Medications in Healthcare to teach you about medicine and how to manage it well. You will learn about the science behind how medicines work in the body (pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics) for diverse types of medications.

Challenges to Health and Wellbeing NUR255

In this unit, we will build on what you learned in the previous unit about health and wellbeing across the lifespan. We will use a strength-based approach to understand the difficulties people face in staying healthy.

Research and Evidence Based Practice NUR256

In this unit, we will dive into research data and how it shapes clinical decisions. We want to help you understand research and evidence-based practice for various health fields. You will learn about critical thinking and diverse ways of doing research. Our goal is to equip you with the skills to use research effectively in your practice.

Professional Experience Placement 2 NUR257

In this unit, you will take part in a Professional Experience Placement in a healthcare setting. You will apply what you have learned in earlier units and show person-centered care and professional skills as a registered nurse in your second year of study.

Mental Health (Theory and Placement 3) NUR258

This unit goes further into nursing knowledge to learn about theory and skills needed for collaborating with people facing mental health conditions and challenges, along with their families and communities throughout life. You will use recovery and strengths-based methods to guide your nursing care in partnership with them.

Complex Care NUR366

This unit builds on what you have learned about health and wellbeing across various stages of life. It delves deeper into advanced care nursing theory and practices. Complex care in various health care settings will be studied using a strength-based approach, considering the diversity of Australia's population, including priorities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Leadership for Nursing Practice NUR367

Leadership is crucial in healthcare to foster teamwork, positive settings, and shared health objectives. This unit delves into key leadership principles and challenges within nursing and healthcare. It is designed to help students move from being students to becoming registered nurses while understanding the role of leadership in the process.

Global Health: Social Justice and Sustainability NUR368

This unit brings students face-to-face with the issues causing global health inequalities that need attention for health fairness. Drawing on prior knowledge, students will assess global health challenges and the response of international health organizations to tackle health priorities critically.

Nursing Practice Project NUR369

In this unit, students can select one of three nursing practice projects aimed at enhancing their nursing career. The options include delving into research by exploring a chosen area in-depth and presenting a research project plan.

Professional Experience Placement 4 NUR370

In this unit, students will take part in a Professional Experience Placement within a healthcare setting. This experience is designed to strengthen and expand their understanding, skills, and qualities related to registered nursing practice.

Professional Experience Placement 5 NUR410

In this last unit, students will take part in a Professional Experience Placement within a healthcare setting. This placement is meant to strengthen their understanding, skills, and qualities needed for competent and self-assured registered nursing practice.

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