CQU Bachelor of Nursing

The CQU Bachelor of Nursing will teach you to think about your nursing work and develop skills to make good decisions. This will help you work safely and confidently in modern nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing Central Queensland University

Throughout the course, you will develop skills for person-centered care and teamwork in healthcare teams. You will find and use evidence for safe, high-quality practice and act ethically and compassionately. Also, you will learn how to promote nursing CQU as a practice and show leadership in healthcare. You will see how ongoing learning supports professional growth. The course aligns with standards by ANMAC and helps you achieve Central Queensland University’s graduate attributes.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU

Before you can go on professional practice placements, you will need to take part in simulated learning at a CQUniversity accredited site. During the course, you will build an e-portfolio to highlight your skills and plan your career. You will also need to show that you can provide CQU nursing care that is focused on the person, well-informed, and responsible.

Clinical learning is a big part of this course, and you will need to do 800 hours of direct practice in different healthcare settings. To join these placements, you will need to meet certain health and safety rules. Placements might not always be in your local area, so be ready to pay for moving if needed. Some placements might start or end on different dates than usual terms because of limited availability.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Entry Requirements

  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Fees

For the first year, the international fee is around $33,450.

CQU Bachelor of Nursing Duration

3 years.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Intakes

March, July intakes.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Locations

Brisbane, Rockhampton.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way to see if the things you have learned before, whether in school or in life, can count towards your current studies. It checks if you already know what a unit is teaching you.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Outcomes

Once you are done, you can work in places like hospitals, communities, mental health, elderly care, Indigenous health, and rural areas.

Bachelor of Nursing CQU Unit Information

Effective Communication in the Health Care Environment NURS11164

In this unit, you will learn how important communication is in nursing and how to do it well. You will discover diverse ways to communicate in different health situations. Plus, you will find out what you are good at in communication to manage nursing challenges in the future. If you need more help, just ask!

Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 BMSC11010

Once you complete this unit, you will be able to talk about the body's distinct levels of structure, use special words to describe body parts, and know about how the body stays balanced (homeostasis).

The Profession of Nursing NURS11165

The nursing profession today is shaped by historical, social, and cultural influences. You will learn about these while considering legal and ethical aspects, the roles of professional bodies, and the foundations of nursing as a profession.

Health and Assessment in Nursing NURS11166

This unit gives you essential knowledge and skills for basic nursing care. You will learn to conduct a thorough assessment and help individuals with their daily activities in a simulated environment.

Health, History and Culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples NURS11171

In this section, you will recognize differences in health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families, and groups. You will also learn how to provide care that respects their culture and work together to make health better.

Determinants of Health and Primary Health Care Nursing NURS11168

This unit introduces primary health care as a philosophy and framework for collaborating with communities. You will understand the role of primary health care nurses in community settings.

Health Across Life Stages NURS11169

Explore stages of life and their impact on health and end-of-life experiences. Understand how unique experiences during milestones influence person-centered care.

Professional Experience Placement 1 NURS11170

Gain practical nursing skills in aged care environments. You will follow nursing standards, consider patient safety, and apply your learning in practice.

Evidence to Inform Nursing Practice NURS12165

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) has standards for registered nurses. These standards expect nurses to think carefully and understand nursing practices. They use the best evidence available, like research, to provide safe and quality care.

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 BIOH12011

In this unit, you will learn about how diseases impact the heart, lungs, hormones, nerves, and blood. You will also study the medicines used to treat these diseases.

Acute Alterations in Health NURS12160

People in Australia are living longer. Before, healthcare focused on sudden sickness. But now, more people have ongoing health issues. This unit looks at how chronic diseases can start suddenly or affect health over time.

Professional Experience Placement 2 NURS12161

You will practice nursing care in the medical-surgical field. You will follow the NMBA standards and learn about safety and quality standards too.

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 BIOH12012

You will build on your basic knowledge of body systems like muscles, bones, and the immune system. You will study how diseases affect these systems and the medicines used to treat them.

Mental Health Nursing with Professional Experience Placement NURS12162

Mental health nursing is about helping people with mental health problems. Nurses in this field use a positive approach to support emotional and physical recovery. This unit will teach you about your role in mental health care.

Chronic Health and Community Care NURS12163

You will also learn about chronic health conditions that affect people at different ages. You will know how to spot symptoms that make these conditions worse.

Professional Experience Placement 3 NURS12164

In this unit, you will get a chance to practice nursing in the community or rehabilitation setting. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) standards will be followed.

Building Professional Resilience in Nursing NURS13139

Professional challenges can lead to stress and burnout among nurses, sometimes making them think about leaving the field. Learning about resilience can help nurses manage these challenges. This unit teaches the concept of resilience in nursing.

Law and Ethical Considerations in the Profession of Nursing NURS13140

As a student and registered nurse, you will face complex legal and ethical situations. This unit guides you in nursing according to laws and professional standards.

Acute Alterations in Health in Complex Care Environment NURS13141

This unit, titled "Acute Alterations in Health in Complex Care Environment - NURS13141," focuses on sudden and severe health changes. You will learn how to think through these cases for people of all ages. The unit covers care, communication, putting the person at the center, and working with the healthcare team.

Professional Experience Placement 4 NURS13142

In this unit, you will practice nursing in a complex care setting. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) standards will be followed.

Digital Health, Technology, and Informatics in the Profession of Nursing NURS13143

Digital health is becoming common in hospitals and private healthcare providers. Electronic systems for communication and storing health data are expected in modern healthcare.

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