UniSA Bachelor of Nursing

With a UniSA Bachelor of Nursing degree, you may launch an unstoppable career caring for people in all types of healthcare settings.

Bachelor of Nursing University of South Australia

When you take a course, you will have several types of classes like lectures, tutorials, workshops, and more. Along with that, you will also need to spend extra time on your own to finish assignments, readings, projects, and join online discussions (self-study). Usually, if you are studying full-time, you will need about 40 hours every week for all these activities combined.

Bachelor of Nursing UniSA

Study nursing at a school that is among the best 100 in the world. Right from your first year, you will start doing 1,000 hours of nursing work in various places across South Australia.

UniSA Nursing will help you learn practical skills for your future job. You will be taught by experts who not only do research but also have genuine experience in nursing. This university is known for top-notch nursing research. So, you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful nurse.

Bachelor of Nursing UniSa Entry Requirements

International students who speak English as a second or extra language must additionally satisfy the University's English language entrance criteria in addition to academic entry requirements. The following languages are needed to participate in this program:

  • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.0 in reading and writing.
  • TOEFL iBT: Total score of 60 with reading and writing no less than 18.
  • Pearson PTE: 50 with reading and writing communicative scores not less than 50.
  • OET: A minimum grade of B is required for each of the four categories—listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Bachelor of Nursing at UniSa Fees

A$36,700 per annum.

UniSa Bachelor of Nursing Duration

3 year(s) Full-time

Bachelor of Nursing UniSa Intakes


Bachelor of Nursing UniSa Locations

City East, Mount Gambier, and Whyalla.

Bachelor of Nursing UniSa Prior Learning

Based on the depth and breadth of your knowledge. RPL enables you to earn credits toward official certificates, diplomas, and degree certifications provided by UniSA. Your past learning will be evaluated in relation to predetermined learning objectives.

Bachelor of Nursing UniSa Outcomes

After studying at UniSA, nursing graduates can work in various places like hospitals, health centers, schools, homes, and more. They can also work in places that help with drug and alcohol issues, mental health, and even in foreign aid organizations or prisons. And there are many options besides management for these graduates to find jobs.

Bachelor of Nursing in UniSA Unit Information

Foundations of Nursing Practice NURS 1072

We are learning about nurses and what they do in hospitals. They take care of patients, follow rules to keep them safe, and make good choices. Nurses are responsible and make sure everything is clean and safe for patients.

Preparation for Clinical Practice Practicum 1 NURS 1061

This course gives students the important knowledge, skills, and professional behavior needed to begin a nursing career. It covers things like how to act professionally, use evidence to practice, respect diverse cultures, and care for Aboriginal health. You will also learn about legal rules and ethical ways to provide care and keep records.

Global and National Health HLTH 1036

This course increases students' basic understanding of health and culture from a local, national, and international viewpoint.

Human Body 1 BIOL 1047

The structure and operation of a healthy human body as it interacts with the environment are concepts that are developed in this course for the benefit of the students.

First Peoples' Health HLTH 1047

In this course, we explore how the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is influenced by history, culture, politics, society, and the environment. We will study how these factors impact individuals, families, and communities.

Human Body 2 BIOL 1048

Students' grasp of pathophysiology and integrative physiology, which support the healthy human body, is developed in this course.

Health of Older People NURS 1073

This course helps students learn about important ideas such as aging well, age discrimination, elder mistreatment, laws, rules, and guidelines like the Aged Care Quality Standards and National Safety and Quality Standards. It also covers topics like seniors' wishes for their future health and happiness.

Experiential Learning Activity: Aged Care Practicum 2 NURS 1071

Students can show knowledge, abilities, and attitudes in accordance with professional standards when providing person-centered nursing care to seniors with this course.

Health of Adults NURS 2023

This course seeks to increase students' knowledge and abilities to help people with health issues attain their ideal level of health.

Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice BIOL 2058

The knowledge of pathophysiological and pharmacological principles that may be used to comprehend illness states and their treatment in clinical practice is developed in this course.

Experiential Learning Activity: Acute Care Practicum 3 NURS 2033

Students can show knowledge, abilities, and attitudes in the delivery of acute nursing care that are in line with professional standards by taking this course.

Health of Infants, Children and Adolescents NURS 2022

Through this course, students will gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to help young children, adolescents, and babies with health issues achieve their best health outcomes.

Assessment, Diagnostics and Pharmacotherapeutics NURS 2040

This course helps students improve their skills in assessing patients, thinking through clinical situations, and understanding how medicines work. This is all done to make sure they can give safe and thorough nursing care that centers on the individual person.

Mental Health Nursing NURS 2041

This course helps in enhancing students' knowledge, abilities, and attitudes to prepare them to help others with mental health disorders attain their best levels of health.

Evidence Based Nursing Practice NURS 3055

In this course, students learn more about evidence-based practice and how it is important for providing safe, effective, and person-centered nursing care. They will gain knowledge and understanding of how to use the best available information to make careful decisions.

Nursing Context of Practice: Primary Health Care NURS 3045

This course aims to increase students' understanding of and proficiency with a primary healthcare approach to the delivery of nursing and medical care.

Experiential Learning Activity: Extension to Practice Practicum 4 NURS 3042

By giving nursing care in several types of health settings like primary, secondary, and tertiary, students can show they have the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes according to the standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Transition to Professional Practice NURS 3056

This course readies students to become registered nurses in their professional work. It covers topics like what registered nurses can do, being responsible, taking care of people, sharing tasks, and overseeing tasks. It also teaches about teamwork with other professionals, following standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, and behaving ethically.

Experiential Learning Activity: Transition to Practice Practicum 5 NURS 3043

In this course, students can demonstrate their skills by providing nursing care in different healthcare settings like primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. This shows how well they meet the standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia for registered nurses.

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