Griffith Bachelor of Social Work

In Griffith University Bachelor of Social Work you will be supervised by a qualified social worker throughout your field placements.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith

In some cases, you might be able to arrange a workplace-based field placement. We will try to find placements in your preferred area. However, if you live in a remote or rural location, your options may be limited, and you might need to travel.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith

You will become particularly good at all the main aspects of social work theory and practice. You will also learn to think critically and reflect on your work. You will be ready to work in a way that is fair and just, considering the unique needs and rights of the people you help.

You will do two field placements over two years, each lasting at least 1000 hours. These are done in full-time mode, and you must complete a total of 1000 hours of placement throughout the program. In exceptional cases, the number of days you work per week during placement can be negotiated, but it still needs to meet AASW accreditation guidelines.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith University Fees


Griffith University Bachelor of Social Work Duration

4 years.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith University Intakes

February, July

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith Locations

Logan, Gold Coast

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith Prior Learning

Griffith University has a Credit Precedent Database that you can access. It contains information about the credit decisions that have been made previously, which can provide you with an idea of what credit you might be eligible for.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith Outcomes

You can work in many unusual places like helping children, working with families, supporting people with their mental health, and even doing research. There are lots of ways to help people and are effective.

Bachelor of Social Work Griffith University Unit Information

Human Services Structures 1006HSV

This class talks about how we help people in our society and how it has changed over time. We look at the different ideas and ways we help, and how it is influenced by our history and culture.

People Skills 1008HSV

This course helps you learn how to communicate better. It is designed to make you interested in communication and help you develop effective communication skills. We use a lot of activities to help you learn.

Human Behavior 1015HSV

This course is about understanding how people behave. It looks at individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and society. It helps you build a sturdy base for later studies in human services.

Human Services Processes 1007HSV

This course helps you understand the basics of working in human services. You will learn about identifying needs, how services are provided, and the organizations involved. It lays the groundwork for becoming a professional in this field.

Lifespan Development 1010HSV

In this course, you will learn about how people grow and change throughout their lives. You will study their development from different perspectives like psychology, sociology, and biology. You will also explore how these aspects are influenced by culture, society, laws, economics, and politics.

First Peoples and Social Justice 2032HSV

In this course, you will study how historical, political, and social forces have influenced the welfare and health policies and practices for Indigenous Australian peoples. It focuses on social justice and human rights perspectives to critically analyze these issues.

Case Management for Human Service and Health Professionals 2012HSV

In this course, you will learn about case management and the skills needed to practice it. It is a service delivery approach used in various fields. The focus is on utilizing theory and evidence to identify individual needs and plan, procure, and coordinate services and support.

Social Construction of Welfare 2013HSV

In Social Construction of Welfare, we build on what we learned in Human Services Structures and Introduction to Social Theory. We will look closely at how welfare is talked about and provided. We will examine who benefits from welfare, the systems that provide it, and the role of human services practitioners within those systems.

Human Services Research 2002HSV

In this class, we will learn about doing research. There are two main ways to do this: asking people questions (qualitative) or using numbers and statistics (quantitative). We will also look at things like how to make sure your questions are good, how to find information, and how to make sure your research is fair. At the end, you will be able to do your own research and understand other people's research too.

Working in Organizations 2031HSV

In this course, we will learn about how to work in organizations. This includes understanding how organizations are set up, what they must do, and how they manage their staff. We will also look at things like following the rules and dealing with any problems. You will get to know what it is like to work in a human service organization and what you need to do to work there.

Social Work Field Placement 1 3012HSV

In this course, you will need to spend some time working and learning in the field. You will work for about 18 weeks, 4 days each week, under the guidance of a qualified social worker. This will help you become a better social worker by teaching you important skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking.

Social Work 1 3036HSV

In this course, you will learn about important ideas in social work and how to use them in your job. You will study different theories and methods used in social work and understand how they help you in your work.

Ethics and Professional Practice 3007HSV

This course teaches you about the important values in human and community services, like fairness and social change. You will also learn about the key principles and dilemmas in the field.

Social Work in Health and Mental Health 3005HSV

The World Health Organization (WHO) says health means being both physically and mentally well, not just free from sickness. In Australia, social workers are the biggest allied health group in the health sector.

Influencing Policy and Legislation 3003HSV

The course is divided into two parts. In the first half, we look at how the Australian government works and how policies are made. This is to help new human service workers speak up for social change. The second half looks at how the Australian legal system affects both practitioners and their future clients.

Counselling Individuals and Families 3020HSV

This course will help you understand how your beliefs influence your ability to recognize and help with individual and family issues. You will have the chance to improve and use your micro skills and plan some early intervention strategies.

Developing Practice and Leadership 4001HSV

This course is designed to provide human services practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead individuals, teams, and organizations in line with social justice values. It delves into leadership in the human services, the dynamics between leaders and followers, organizational leadership, the activities engaged in by leaders, and the role of leadership in facilitating change.

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