La Trobe Bachelor of Social Work

At La Trobe University Bachelor of Social Work you will get to learn by working in real places like hospitals and organizations like Berry Street, Mind Australia, and the Salvation Army.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe University

In school, you can study three cool subjects. One is about how our society has changed over time and how people connect with each other. Another is all about our minds and how they work, from when we are little to when we are grown-up. The last one is about helping people and how to do it in a good and caring way. It is like learning to be a superhero for people who need help!

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe University

If you become a social worker, you will be like a superhero who helps people and families when they are going through tough times. You La Trobe, they teach you all the important stuff and let you practice so you can be good at helping people.

At La Trobe Social Work, you will have amazing teachers who are experts in making the world a fair and just place. They will teach you about helping people and why it is important. You will also learn cool stuff about how our minds work and how people live in societies. Plus, you will get to go out and help real people during two long internships in important places that take care of our health and well-being in Victoria.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe University Fees


La Trobe University Bachelor of Social Work Duration

4 years.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe University Intakes


Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe Locations

Melbourne (Bundoora), Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepperton

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe Prior Learning

Sometimes, if a student has already learned about something in the past, they can get credit for it when they learn the same thing again. It is like getting a special sticker that says, "You already know this!" This helps them learn faster. We also make sure to keep their personal information safe and follow rules to protect it. If you want to know more about getting credit for what you have already learned, you can find out below.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe Outcomes

  • Community health centers and hospitals: They work with other health professionals to give support, talk to people, give information, and be there for clients.
  • Government departments and non-government agencies: They help with things like managing cases, talking to people, and speaking up for clients, especially children and families.
  • Mental health and disability services: They support people in their recovery, fight for changes in rules, talk about critical issues, and connect clients with the help they need.

Bachelor of Social Work La Trobe University Unit Information

Academic Integrity Module LTU0AIM

The academic integrity module helps students to do their schoolwork honestly. It talks about not copying or cheating, which is called plagiarism. It also teaches students how to use a tool called Turnitin, which checks their work to make sure it is not copied. If students need help with referencing (giving credit to sources), they can get support from the module.

Wominjeka La Trobe: Indigenous Cultural Literacy for Higher Education ABS0WOM

"Wiencek La Trobe" is a short online class that every student at La Trobe University must take. It is about learning the history, culture, and customs of Indigenous Australians. Indigenous knowledge is an important part of our culture, and this class helps us understand it better. It also encourages us to think about our own attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Being a Social Worker SWP1BSW

In your first year at La Trobe, you will learn about social work. It is about helping people and communities. You will discover what it means to be a social worker and how social work can help individuals and communities in different areas like child and family well being, health, and disability. It is all about making the world a better place.

Health and Wellbeing of People with Developmental Disabilities HLT1HDD

In this subject, you will get to know people with developmental disabilities. You will hear from them about their lives and experiences. This will help you understand how health and human services professionals can support their health, happiness, and being part of our community. You will also learn about the important values and principles for collaborating with people who have developmental disabilities. It is all about being kind and helpful to everyone.

Introductory Psychology: Brain and Mind PSY1BAM

In this subject, you will explore how your brain controls your actions and behaviors. You will find out how your brain and the way you act change as you grow up. You will also learn about what makes you unique and different from others. We will delve into how you perceive the world around you, how your brain manages the information from your senses, and how you make sense of it all. It is like uncovering the mysteries of your mind!

Introductory Psychology: People and Culture PSY1PAC

In this subject, you will learn about psychology from a cultural perspective. People in society share knowledge and beliefs, which we call culture. This culture gives meaning to people's lives and affects how they behave, see themselves, and interact with others. It is like discovering how culture shapes our thoughts and actions!

Reflective Communication and Social Work SWP1REF

Social workers and educators want to empower people and help them have better lives. This means they work to make the world fair and just for everyone. But even they face tough times. SWP1REF is about learning to help others by first understanding ourselves and how we manage our own problems. It is like learning to be strong and helpful to others!

Social Work in a Political Context SWP1PC

In this subject, we learn that social work is like a political job. We explore how it is related to the government and how it can help make the country better. We also talk about the rules and laws that affect our lives. It is an important subject to understand how things work in our society.

Society and Culture: Introduction to Sociology SOC1SAC

In this subject, we talk about how different societies have their own rules and ideas about how things should be. We look at how Australia has changed over time because of things like people moving here and modern technology. It is all about understanding how our daily life is influenced by these things.

Understanding Health and Wellbeing PHE1UHW

In this class, we learn about what makes people healthy and happy. We look at different ideas and theories about this. We also explore how things like where you live, and the environment can affect your health. It is all about understanding what keeps us well.

Integrating Practice and Theory SWP2IPT

In this class, we learn about what social workers do and how they help people facing different challenges. We talk about the values and roles that social workers have. It is about understanding how to make a positive impact in our communities.

Introduction to Aboriginal Australia ABS1IAA

In this class, we learn about Indigenous people in Australia. We explore their culture, history, and the different regions they come from. It helps us understand and appreciate the diversity of Indigenous Australia.

Introduction to Diversity SWP2IDV

In this subject, we look at how social workers help people in a diverse society. We focus on understanding what makes people different and how social workers can support them. We will study various aspects of diversity to learn how to be inclusive and help everyone.

Law human Rights and Ethics SWP2LHE

In this subject, we learn about the laws and ethical principles that guide social work in Australia. We also get to see how courts and tribunals work. We will use case studies to understand how human rights and social justice are important in social work.

Social Work in an Unequal World SWP2SWB

In this subject, we learn about inequality in Australia and other parts of the world, and how it affects people. We will focus on poverty, which is a big part of inequality and can make life difficult for many people. We will look at different ideas and information about inequality and poverty and see how different beliefs and values can shape our understanding of these important topics.

Social Work Research A SWP2REA

In this subject, we will discover the world of social work research. It is like solving puzzles and finding answers to questions. We will learn about diverse ways to do research, like asking people questions, collecting data, and figuring out what it all means. We will explore how researchers design their studies and the methods they use to find out more about important topics.

Trauma, Resilience & Development SWP2TRD

In this subject, we will talk about how people deal with tough stuff like trauma, which are hard experiences, and how they form connections with others. We will also explore how people can bounce back from tough times and build strength. We will look at how varied factors, like good things that happen and sad things that happen, affect how people grow and change throughout their lives. It is like understanding how people's life stories are shaped.

Fields of Practice A SWP3001

In this subject, we are going to talk about two important parts of social work: helping kids and families and addressing family violence. We will learn how to treat people with respect and focus on what is best for them. We will explore the important topics, rules, and ways to help in these areas. It is about understanding how to make the lives of kids and families better and how to stop sad things from happening in homes.

Fields of Practice B SWP4001

In this subject you will gain an introduction to the theory and knowledge base of two fields of social work practice, intellectual disability, and mental health. Your introduction to social work practice in these fields will recognize the importance of respect for, and enabling of, human rights and taking a person-centered approach.

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