SCU Bachelor of Social Work

This SCU Bachelor of Social Work teaches you how to help people in many ways, like in health, with families, distinct cultures, and more.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU

This course is all about being fair and helping people. You will learn new ways to help people and make the world a better place. It can lead to many jobs helping others and making important decisions. In this course, you will learn important ideas and skills for helping individuals, families, groups, and communities. These skills will help you in your work to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU

In this course, SCU Social Work, you will learn how to use social work values and knowledge to help people and make changes in social policies. If you choose the Honors pathway, you will also gain skills in research and be able to create new knowledge through your research projects.

In this course, you can choose specific subjects that match your interests. If you are really into research and want to continue your studies after this course, there is an Honors program you can join. Just remember to talk to the Bachelor of Social Work SCU Course Coordinator if you are interested in the Honors stream in 2023.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Fees


SCU Bachelor of Social Work Duration

4 years

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Intakes

March, July

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Locations

Gold Coast

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning, also known as Advanced Standing or Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL), is when we consider what you have learned in the past to see if you can skip some parts of a course or get into a course based on what you already know and can do.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Outcomes

Once you finish this course, you can become a social worker. Social workers help people in various places, like the government and organizations that are not for profit. You can help people with things like health, taking care of children, disability services, housing, working with young people, taking care of elderly folks, helping people with issues related to drugs and alcohol, making communities better, looking after mental health, and supporting those affected by domestic violence.

Bachelor of Social Work SCU Unit Information

Australian Politics POLT1001

In this subject, you will learn about how the government and politics work in Australia. You will also learn how to think critically, which means you will get good at thinking about things carefully and making convincing arguments when you talk or write about important political issues. You will also use technology to join discussions and learn online.

Introduction to Sociology SOCI1001

This subject helps you understand sociology, which is about studying how societies work. You will learn about the ideas of famous sociologists from the past and what modern sociologists think today. You will also use critical thinking to explore important social issues like work, family, health, sports, and technology in Australia.

Create: Innovate: Change CRTV1002

Sure, in this subject, you will dive into six important skills that are super useful in today's world: problem-solving, creativity, analytic thinking, collaboration, effective communication, and ethics (which means doing what is right and being responsible for your actions).

Indigenous Worldviews INDG1001

This subject helps you learn more about the beliefs, histories, and ways of life of Aboriginal and other Indigenous peoples. It is all about understanding and appreciating their cultures and histories. Plus, it aims to create awareness about critical issues that are relevant to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia, so we can all work towards a better future together.

Counselling Theory and Practice WELF1003

In this subject, you will learn about using counseling skills in human services work in Australia. You will discover how research, self-awareness, and skill development help build strong relationships with the people you are helping. It is all about understanding how to support others effectively.

Community Development WELF1002

In this subject, you will explore important ideas about community development. It is about communities working together to create positive social change. You will learn about the theories behind community development and the skills and issues that are important in this field. It is all about empowering communities to be effective.

Social Policy SOCI1005

In this subject, you will dive into the Australian welfare system and learn about how it operates. You will also explore the concept of the Post-Welfare State, which looks at changes in how societies provide for their citizens. It is an interesting exploration of social policies and their impact on society.

Case Management and Care Planning WELF2005

In this subject, you will learn about case management and care planning for individuals in the community. You will gain the skills to assess people's needs, find suitable support options, and effectively plan, review, and monitor their care. It is about helping individuals access the right support to improve their well-being.

Social Work Practice I - Building Relationships SWRK2001

This subject helps you build the basic skills and knowledge needed for social work. It covers the history, ethics, and philosophy of social work. You will learn how to develop professional relationships and practice methods that align with the values of the social work profession. It is a foundation for your journey in social work.

Doing Social Research SOCI2006

In this subject, you will learn about the principles and methods of social research. You will develop practical skills in reviewing existing research, creating research questions, and writing up your research findings. You will also learn how to analyze and interpret both qualitative and quantitative data. Plus, you will have the opportunity to conduct your own small research project. It is all about learning how to investigate and understand social issues through research.

Trauma Informed Practice WELF2003

In this subject, we delve into topics related to grief, trauma, and crises. These can be challenging experiences like coping with death, illness, family troubles, violence, abuse, disasters, or major life changes. We will study theories, learn practical skills, and understand how attitudes and responses play a role in these situations.

Health and Indigenous Australian Peoples INDG2001

This subject takes a close look at the tensions between Indigenous healing practices and the conventional health system. We will explore ideas surrounding Indigenous wellbeing, spiritual authenticity, and community unity.

Social Work Practice III - Mental Health SWRK3001

In this class, we will learn about how to help people with their mental health. We will talk about how our thoughts and feelings affect our well-being at various stages of life. We will also look at how people think about mental and physical health and why it is important to question some of those ideas. And it is worth noting that this class has been put together with the help of people who have experienced mental health challenges, so it is helpful.

Social Work Practice IV - Organizational Practice SWRK3002

In this class, we will learn about how social workers operate in organizations. We will talk about how these organizations can sometimes limit what social workers can do, but also how they can be a place to promote fairness and social justice. It is all about learning to be thoughtful and ethical in our work within these organizations.

Social Work Placement I SWRK2005

In this unit, you will learn about how social workers can influence policies that affect people's lives. You will study different policies and think about how they impact those who need help the most. It is a chance to use what you have learned and are effective in the world of social work and policy.

Social Work Practice V - Policy and Community Activism SWRK3003

In this unit, you will discover how to work with others to create better policies. You will find out how to join forces with people who want to make a change and produce plans to push for fairer policies. It is all about working together to make the world a better place.

Issues of Protection WELF3002

In this unit, you will learn about how to protect children and provide them with safe homes when they cannot stay with their families. We will look at problems like child abuse and neglect, including when it happens at home. We will also talk about how to think carefully about these issues and make sure we follow the laws and policies that are in place to keep children safe.

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