USYD Bachelor of Social Work

USYD Bachelor of Social Work gets you ready for a job in a field that is always changing and has lots of various aspects. You will learn how to use what you learn in different situations, which is important.

Bachelor of Social Work USYD

In the Bachelor of Social Work USYD program, students do 60 days of fieldwork in Year 3 and 80 days in Year 4. Fieldwork is a big part of the program at the University of Sydney. The goal is to help students develop their values, skills, and knowledge so that they can become social work professionals who meet the standards set by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

Bachelor of Social Work USYD

Studying for a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Sydney is an exciting journey into the world of social work. This program gives students the knowledge, skills, and values they need to make a positive difference in people's lives and communities. It is a mix of learning theories and getting firsthand experience.

In this program USYD Social Work, students explore important topics like social justice, human rights, and community development. One standout feature is the focus on field education, where students collaborate with experienced professionals and gain real-world skills. When students graduate, they have a solid foundation in social work principles and a deep passion for making the world a better place.

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Fees


USYD Bachelor of Social Work Duration

4 years

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Intakes

March, July

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Locations

Camperdown, Darlington

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Prior Learning

You may be able to get credit for related study or work experience, which means you can finish your degree faster and graduate sooner. This means if you have already studied or worked in a similar field, those experiences can count towards your degree requirements. It is a wonderful way to save time and still get a valuable education.

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Outcomes

Health services, aged care, Women's services, Disability services, Child and family service, international development, Migration and refugee service, Community work, Individual and family counselling, Group work, Policy development, Advocacy, and research.

Bachelor of Social Work USYD Unit Information

Social Justice Practice SCWK1001

Social justice is important in many professions, organizations, and social movements. In this unit, students will learn all about social justice practices. This includes looking at the history of how people have fought for justice and equality, as well as exploring new ways and challenges we face today in making the world a fairer place.

Introduction to Human Services SCWK1002

In this unit, you will get an introduction to human services in Australia. You will learn about how the field has evolved over time and what it looks like today. We will also explore the challenges that come with changes like marketization, professionalization, and neoliberalism, and how these affect our ability to meet the needs of people in various areas of practice.

Introduction to Sociology 2 SCLG1002

In this unit, we will learn about how the world is changing and how we can understand the problems we see around us. We will use creative ways to study sociology, which is all about looking at how people interact in society. We will talk about big issues like global changes, crime, being fair to everyone, and understanding diverse groups of people. It is about making the world a better place by understanding it better.

Australian Social Policy SCPL2601

In this unit, we are going to learn about how Australia makes rules and plans to help its people. We will talk about things like how families and the government work together, jobs and money, taking care of older people, and how diverse cultures fit into the country. We will also learn about how services that help people are set up and run in Australia. It is all about understanding how the country takes care of its citizens.

Life-course Perspectives on Development SCWK2007

In this unit, we are going to learn about how people grow and change, how they talk to each other, and how everyone is different in their own way. We will talk about important ideas from the last 100 years that help us understand how people develop and feel well. We will also learn about how social workers help people and how being part of a community is important. It is all about understanding people and how they live together in a group.

Research Skills for Social Change SCWK2006

In this unit, we will learn about how social workers use research to help people and make things better. Social workers are like helpers, and they use research to figure out what people need and how to make things work well. We will also see how they check if innovative ideas are working and how they make their own ideas better. It is like being a detective, but for helping people.

Indigenous Australians and Social Work SCWK2009

This course helps you learn how to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in social work settings. It is like the first step in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

Field Education 1 SCWK3005

In this unit, you will do both in-class learning and a 60-day full-time practical training. You and your field educator will create a plan that explains what you will learn, how you will learn it, and how you will keep track of your progress.

Social Work Preliminary Honors SCWK3009

In this unit, if you are in the Social Work Honors program, you will learn more about how research is important in social work. You will gain the skills to use and do research. The goal is to get you ready to do research with supervision on an existing project.

Issue Based Learning Unit 3 SCWK4003

This unit is part of a series of four Issue-Based Learning units. It lasts for five weeks and is designed to help students become better at using what they have learned on their own. It continues to build on what you learned in Field Education I and gets you ready for Field Education 2A and 2B.

Field Education 2A SCWK4005

This unit is assessed together with SCWK4006 or SCWK4007. It is the first part of a full-time field education practicum lasting 80 days. In collaboration with the field educator, students create a learning plan that outlines what they aim to learn, how they will learn it, and how they will monitor and assess their progress with their field educator.

Integrative Studies 402 SCWK4002

This is the last unit in the Bachelor of Social Work program, lasting three weeks. Students use critical reflection to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have gained during the four years of the program.

Issue Based Learning Unit 4 SCWK4004

This unit is the fourth in a series of four Issue-Based Learning units, lasting five weeks. It aims to enhance students' ability to apply knowledge and work independently. It builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in Field Education 2A and 2B.

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