Victoria University Bachelor of Social Work

Victoria University Bachelor of Social Work will equip you to help people with social problems and care about fairness and making society better.

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria University

In this program Victoria Social Work, you will learn how to help individuals, groups, and communities reach their full potential. You will have two real-world placements to practice what you have learned. With this training, you can pursue a fulfilling career in various places like government agencies, hospitals, non-profits, or community services. It is a path to make a positive impact.

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria University

Victoria University welcomes everyone, values diversity, and offers opportunities for all. We are proud to have received a five-star rating for our cultural diversity in the Good Universities Guide. Our students love the vibrant mix of cultures here.

In this social work course, you will gain a deep understanding of interpersonal and group work, community development, policy analysis, social research, and social action. These skills will help you make a positive impact in the field of social work and contribute to creating a fairer and more just society.

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria University Fees

In 2024, the tuition fee for this program is A$15,500 per semester.

Victoria University Bachelor of Social Work Duration

4 years

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria University Intakes


Bachelor of Social Work Victoria Locations

Footscray Park

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria Prior Learning

If you have successfully completed any units in your enrolled course or their equivalent in the past, you might be eligible for credit transfer. This means you will not have to repeat those units and can complete your course more quickly.

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria Outcomes

Graduates from this program can take on roles like, Social Worker, Community Health Center Counselor, Youth Worker, Drug and Alcohol Worker, Homelessness Policy Office

Bachelor of Social Work Victoria University Unit Information

Introduction to Sociology ABA1003

In this basic course, we will learn about sociology, which helps us understand society. We will look at how society changes and talk about important social issues. We will also explore questions about our culture and identity. Finally, we will see how these ideas apply to specific studies and research.

Aboriginal Traditions and Policy AEK1105

This unit is about the history of Indigenous Australians before 1788. We will learn about their beliefs, ceremonies, and how they lived in different communities. We will also see how these things were different in various Indigenous Australian groups.

Applied Human Rights ASA1024

In this unit, we will learn about human rights – what they are, how they work, and their history. We will look at examples of human rights issues and what people do to protect them.

Working in Human Services Organizations ASW1000

In this unit, we will learn about how human service organizations work. We will look at different ideas about them and see what different people think about them, like the workers, the people who use the services, the bosses, and the people who provide money and make rules. This will help us understand how to work in these organizations in the future.

Introduction to Social Work ASW1001

In this unit, we will learn about Social Work, what it is, and how it fits into the community services sector. We will have workshops and readings to understand the important ideas and discussions in the field of Social Work in Australia and around the world. We will also see how Social Work is influenced by laws, policies, and organizations, and how it is guided by a set of values and ethics.

Foundations of Social Science Research ASX1003

In this unit, we will learn about social science research. We will explore important ideas and terms used in research, and we will also practice doing research in workshops. These workshops will help us improve our reading, writing, and research skills, which will be useful for other assignments too. Our assessments will help us develop and assess our research skills and understanding.

Introduction to Public Health and Wellness HHB1104

In this unit, we will learn about public health. We will find out where it came from and how it is connected to what we do today in public health. We will also understand how distinct factors affect our health and what we can do about it. We will look at how public health works in distinct stages of dealing with diseases and learn about ways to improve health where it is needed.

People Skills and Communication HHH1000

In this unit, we will learn how to communicate better with others, which is important in many jobs. We will understand why excellent communication is important, including being sensitive to diverse cultures. We will practice talking and listening in groups and workshops. We will talk about understanding ourselves, our values, and how we listen and talk to others. These skills are helpful in jobs where we collaborate with people, like helping professions.

Groupwork Theory and Practice ASW2090

In this unit, we will learn about how people work together in groups, which happens in many jobs. We will study how groups work, the roles people play, and how power and privilege can affect group dynamics. This will help us understand how to work better with others in different settings.

Social Welfare: History and Current Context ASW2102

In this unit, we will learn about Australia's social welfare systems and how they work. We will talk about things like fairness, equality, and government support. We will also look at how these systems have changed over time and how they affect diverse groups of people. Plus, we will practice using this knowledge to help people in our future work.

Human Development in Social Context ASW2103

In this unit, we will learn about how people behave and grow throughout their lives, from when they are born to when they are old. We will talk about how their individuality, culture, and society all play a role. We will also think about how our own values affect how we collaborate with people.

Critical Social Work Theories ASW2104

In this unit, we learn more about social work theories. We focus on critical ones and see how they can be used in today's practice.

Social Work Theories ASW2202

In this unit, we learn about social work theories and why they are important. We study different social work theories, where they come from, and how they can be used in real-life situations through case studies.

Social Work and Trauma Informed Care ASW3097

In social work, we often encounter people who have experienced trauma. This unit helps students understand how trauma affects people and how to collaborate with them in a way that takes their trauma into account.

Skills for Social Work Direct Practice ASW3101

Social workers help people, groups, and communities to be well, make things fair, and create a just society. This unit helps students understand themselves and learn the basics of how to collaborate with people, using theories like strength-based and eco-systemic approaches.

Working Ethically in Aboriginal Community AEK3203

This unit tutors’ students about ethics when collaborating with Aboriginal communities. It covers how Aboriginal people work ethically and the challenges non-Aboriginal people may face in these settings. Students will learn about the significance of land and self-determination, how race affects lives, and how to collaborate ethically with Aboriginal communities.

Qualitative Social Research Methods 1 APS2030

In this unit, students will learn about doing research in a way that focuses on understanding people's experiences and perspectives. We will look at different research methods and how to plan and conduct qualitative studies. By the end of this unit, you will be able to see how qualitative research can be used in social research and understand the steps involved in designing such studies.

Introduction to Social Policy ASW2013

In this unit, we will explore how government decisions, known as social policy, affect people's lives. We will learn how social problems are recognized and how policies are created to address them. We will also study the policies in Australia today and the theories that guide how policies are made and reviewed. Social workers often use policy as a tool to bring about positive changes in areas like income, jobs, housing, education, healthcare,

Understanding and Responding to Family Violence ASW3096

Family violence is a grave issue that social workers often encounter. They may help people who have experienced it or those who have caused harm. They also work to prevent future violence through various programs.

Advanced Professional Practice ASW4002

This unit follows ASW3002 Professional Practice, where you gained practical experience. Now, you will attend seminars to enhance your final placement. You will highlight your ability to work professionally, ethically, and inclusively.

Social Work Advocacy: Scope, Research and Design ASW4003

This unit is part of a 24-credit point capstone experience in social work. Here, you will create a proposal to solve a real health or welfare issue using different approaches.

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