Monash Master of Nursing

Monash Master of Nursing will get you ready for a respected job in healthcare. You will become a highly skilled healthcare professional, all set for a rewarding career in this field.

Masters of Nursing Monash

This two-year full-time program is for individuals who have not studied nursing before and want to start their nursing career. You will cover both theory and practical aspects. In this program, you will spend part of your time in the classroom, learning new concepts, and the other part in actual healthcare settings, applying your knowledge in practice. It is a practical approach to becoming a nurse.

Masters of Nursing Monash University

Nurses play a crucial role in healthcare all around the world, and this registered nurse course is your ticket not just to a career in Australia but also internationally. When you finish this program, you will have all the important knowledge and skills needed to be a registered nurse. Plus, you can choose to specialize in various healthcare areas, like taking care of sick patients, working with kids, or medical-surgical nursing. It is a flexible and fulfilling career within the healthcare field.

From day one of your nursing degree, you will be encouraged to think like a nurse. With clinical placements starting in the first semester, you will not just learn in the classroom – you will apply your knowledge in supervised practice at some of Victoria's top hospitals and health services. It is all about gaining practical, evidence-based nursing experience from the very beginning of your studies.

Master of Nursing Monash University Entry Requirements

  • PTE Academic: At least 65 overall and 65 in each of the four skills.
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum overall score of 94, comprising 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing, and 23 for speaking.
  • IELTS (academic module): with a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7 in each of the four components.
  • OET: with a minimum score of Bs in each of the four components.

Master of Nursing Monash University Fees

The tuition fees for the year 2024 are A$43,500 for a standard full-time course load of 48 credit points, which represents one year of study.

Monash University Master of Nursing Duration

2 years

Master of Nursing Monash University Intakes

February, July intakes

Master of Nursing Monash Locations


Master of Nursing Monash University Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where credit is given toward a course based on non-accredited formal study, like professional development, on-the-job training, work experience, or informal learning that a student has previously undertaken.

Master of Nursing Monash University Outcomes

  • Public Health Nurse: Concentrates on community health.
  • Nurse Manager: Supervises nursing teams.
  • Nurse Consultant: Offers expert guidance.
  • Clinical Nurse Educator: Trains nurses.
  • Director of Nursing: Heads nursing departments.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: Specializes in specific areas.
  • Clinical Research Nurse: Engages in research work.
  • Nurse Practitioner: Provides advanced healthcare.

Master of Nursing in Monash University Unit Information

Contemporary nursing in context 1 NUR5011

This is the first of three units that look at nursing practice from a socio-political perspective. It helps you understand the basic concepts of nursing as a discipline, introduces you to the various roles nurses play, and lets you explore healthcare settings in the Australian healthcare system.

Contemporary nursing in context 2 NUR5022

This unit is all about primary care nursing, which means taking care of people's health in their communities. It looks at how nurses work with different healthcare teams, individuals, families, communities, and even Indigenous Australians. It is like the next step from what you learned about making sure everyone gets the best healthcare possible.

Contemporary nursing in context 3 NUR5033

In this unit, we explore the essential knowledge needed for nursing and how it applies to clinical practice. We also look at how knowledge is created through research and how it is used and shared. The unit emphasizes the importance of building a culture of research as a fundamental part of professional nursing. It is about understanding and using knowledge to become a better nurse.

Nursing leadership and patient safety GHS5850

In this unit, we look at nursing leadership and how it relates to providing safe and high-quality patient care in real clinical settings. You will study modern leadership theories and see how they relate to leading in clinical nursing. We also delve into things like accidents, managing risks, and ways to continually improve the quality of healthcare. The main goal is to learn how to make sure patients are safe and receive the best care possible.

Indigenous health for nursing and midwifery practice NUR1013

This unit is a teamwork project between the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the Gukwonderuk Indigenous Engagement Unit (GIEU). Its main goal is to address the ongoing challenge of providing good healthcare to Indigenous communities. Many distinct groups and healthcare providers work together to make this happen.

Contemporary nursing practice 1 NUR5111

This unit is the start of the graduate entry Master of Nursing Practice and is one of four practice units. It is all about giving students the basics they need for nursing, especially when it comes to checking people's physical health. We will learn by looking at different situations that nurses might encounter.

Contemporary nursing practice 2 NUR5002

This unit is the second part of the graduate entry Master of Nursing Practice and comes after NUR5111 Contemporary Nursing Practice 1. It is all about clinical work and focuses on acute medical-surgical nursing. Students will learn about how diseases work, what they look like in patients, how medicines work, and how to provide nursing care for various conditions. In the clinical practice part, students will put what they have learned into action while taking care of patients.

Contemporary nursing practice 3 NUR5003

This unit comes after NUR5002 Contemporary Nursing Practice 2. It is all about learning how to provide mental health care that helps people recover. We will also study the ideas of getting older and dealing with long-term and serious illnesses. This will help students become better at giving care that is focused on the individual's needs and well-being.

Contemporary nursing practice 4 NUR5004

This clinical unit is all about getting students ready to become registered nurses. It is designed based on how adults learn best, which means it encourages students to take charge of their learning and figure out what they need to know as they prepare for their nursing career.

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