Pharmacy Degree in Australia

After studying pharmacy, you will become a pharmacist. They don't just get a better career but also help people in their society. Pharmacists are the primary healthcare providers.

Pharmacy Course in Australia

Australia is home to world renown institutions where you can study pharmacy at different levels from Bachelor of Pharmacy to Doctor of Pharmacy. You can develop your skills in medicine in this program.

Pharmacy Programs

Pharmacy is a profession that connects clinical medical science with chemistry. It is associated with the production of drugs, effectiveness, use, and quality control of drugs. It includes the registration of drugs, supervision of supplies, and storage of medicines.

These are the purposes of pharmacy:

  • Working directly with the people dealing with a health problem.
  • Helping patients to improve their health with minimum risk.
  • Healthcare team member.
  • A most respected member of society.
  • Getting a flexible job.
  • Having stable work.

The most common kind of pharmacy is community pharmacy, also known as retail pharmacy. In a community pharmacy, a chemist provides pharmacy services to people in their region.

Compounding pharmacy is the second type of pharmacy. The primary role of compounding is to produce a medicine for a particular patient with a specific need that is impossible with the locally available product.

When we talk about a person who deals with medicine is known as a pharmacist. Pharmacists, also known as chemists, are healthcare professionals who specialize in properly using treatment, storing procedures, preservation, and providing medicine to their clients or patients.

A good pharmacist must have in-depth knowledge of medicines, their pharmacological actions, and their side effects. The pharmacy field is one of the most trusted fields in Australia, and it has had a strong appearance in the Australian community for over 100 years.


Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical science is one of the disciplines of pharmacy. It is a process of converting an old medicine to a new medication to be used by the patients safely and effectively. Pharmaceutical sciences have range of scientific fields critical to discovering and developing new drugs and therapies. It also provides the action of drugs, clinical sciences, regulatory affairs, analysis of medicine, and the design and delivery of drugs.

Pharmaceutical science is also pharmaceutical chemistry. You can build your career in many pharmaceutical science jobs in Australia. In the pharmaceutical industry, all the public and private organizations develop, discover, and manufacture medicines and drugs.

The goal of pharmacy is to increase positive outcomes of health. Good pharmacist always takes care of their patients and clients. It is stated in the Australian Journal of pharmacy that the pharmacy field is rapidly growing due to advanced technologies. It makes it easier to create new medicine and test them.

Pharmacy Courses

There are several pharmacy course opportunities available in Australia. Pharmacy is a vital kind of medical science that deals with the aspects of medical preparation and dispensing drugs. Pharmacists are professional experts who undertake pharmacy courses. The primary goal of these courses is to ensure the effectiveness of medicines without any side effects. In many countries, pharmacists are as important as doctors. Some of the pharmacy courses are as follow:

  • Pharmacy Assistant Course
  • Pharmacy Manager Course
  • Pharmacy Technician Course
  • Pharmacy Tech Course

Becoming a pharmacy assistant requires a certificate, and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) offers Certificates in pharmacy courses.

Study Pharmacy in Australia

The pharmacy field has many job opportunities worldwide and is the most trusted and respected profession worldwide. The main task of a pharmacist is to arrange medicines by reading physicians' prescriptions, and pharmacists suggest to doctors and physicians about the medicine's dosage and side effects. Many people rely on pharmacies to save their lives and improve their life. The pharmacist also provides some services like carrying out blood tests, filling prescriptions, and ordering blood tests. There are many advantages of a Pharmacy degree in Australia. Some of them are as follows:

  • Career building
  • Reasonable pharmacy award rate (salary)
  • Higher growth rates
  • Social Work
  • Helping others
  • Stable life
  • Flexible job

Pharmacy Degree

To get a pharmacy degree, you must complete either the bachelor's or master's program. These are the basic levels of pharmacy degrees in Australia.

  • Bachelors of Pharmacy
  • Masters of Pharmacy
  • Doctorate of Pharmacy

Bachelor in Pharmacy

Are you interested in medicine and how the drug interacts with the human body? You can get a pharmacy degree from Australia to be a medical professional. The Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four years undergraduate program that teaches you most of the basics of medicines. After your degree completion, you can start your career as a pharmacist or any other important team member in the healthcare field.

Becoming a pharmaceutical professional is the end goal of this program. After completing the Bachelor of Pharmacy, you will be able to apply your skills in people's health throughout the hospitals and local communities. After completing your bachelor's degree, you will contribute directly to the healthcare world. The best feature of this degree is that the Australian Pharmacy Council accredits your course.

Pharmacists play a vital role in helping and improving the health of their communities. You will learn how the expert in medicine helps others. It is a pharmaceutical science undergraduate degree, and the Australian Pharmacy Council accredits this course.

Expected Fee

A$30,000 to A$35,000. The fee range can change from time to time.


2 Years

Career Outcomes

You can choose where to work; you can move to sales and marketing, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy research practice.

Admission Requirements

A high school certificate with an ATAR of 75.

English Requirements

An academic IELTS with 7.0 points overall, with no less than 6.5 in each category.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours

As the name of the degree says, an honours course in pharmacy means an extra year of study, and it is an undergraduate program in pharmacy for four years. In this degree, you will get an advanced understanding of pharmacy.

Expected Fee

A$30,000 to A$35,000. The fee range can change from time to time.


2 Years

Career Outcomes

You can choose where to work; you can move to sales and marketing, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy research practice.

Admission Requirements

A high school certificate with an ATAR of 75.

English Requirements

An academic IELTS with 7.0 points overall, with no less than 6.5 in each category.

Master of Pharmacy

The Australian Pharmacy Council accredits the master of pharmacy program. All the graduates of the Master of Pharmacy program will be able to apply for registration with the help of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency to the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

You can do master of clinical pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy Courses full-time and part-time on campus. It takes two years to complete a Master of Pharmacy degree; in some cases, it takes 2.5 years for completion.

This course is primarily for students who would love to be part of a healthcare team that wants to directly help affected people's lives and lifestyles. The master's in pharmacy offers you the primary pathway to enter the pharmacy profession.

Pharmacists play a vital role in helping and improving the health of their communities. You will learn how the expert in medicine helps others. It is a pharmaceutical science undergraduate degree, and the Australian Pharmacy Council accredits this course.

Expected Fee

A$30,000 to A$45,000. The fee range can change from time to time.


2 Years

Career Outcomes

You can choose where to work; you can move to sales and marketing, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy research practice.

Admission Requirements

A high school certificate with an ATAR of 75.

English Requirements

An academic IELTS with 7.5 points overall, with no less than 7 in each category.

Ph.D. in Pharmacy

Most Ph.D. gives you the title of Doctor in the field of Pharmacy, and this degree is for those who want to work in pharmaceutical science research.

Doing a Ph.D. in Pharmacy helps you write a thesis in your area of interest. You will get many career opportunities after completing a Doctor of Pharmacy because this is the most advanced qualification in every field. You can build your career in pharmaceutical, biomedical, clinical, and research institutes.

Many of the universities in Australia give you opportunities for significant research that have global recognition worldwide

Cities Where you can study pharmacy

Australia is among those countries that are the most preferred study location. Pharmacy study in Australia has global recognition, and many universities in Australia are among the top 100 ranked worldwide. Pharmacy programs are available in these Australian locations:

  • Pharmacy courses Perth
  • Pharmacy courses Bentley
  • Pharmacy degree Hobart
  • Pharmacy courses Launceston
  • Pharmacy program Burnie
  • Pharmacy courses Melbourne
  • Pharmacy course Adelaide
  • Pharmacy courses from Brisbane
  • Pharmacy courses Darwin
  • Pharmacy courses in Sydney
  • Pharmacy courses in Armidale
  • Pharmacy courses Canberra

Where to Study Pharmacy in Australia

A pharmacy degree from Australia means the student has the skills of highly qualified teachers. Studying pharmacy in Australia not just gives you the certificate but also gives you the opportunity of working alongside the study.

Candidates are required to have initially taken subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics to get admission to a pharmacy program in Australia. You can get admission to pharmacy courses in Australia at the following universities:

New South Wales (NSW)

  • The University of Sydney.
  • The University of New South Wales.
  • Charles Sturt University.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy UNE (University of New England).
  • Master of Pharmacy UTS (University of Technology Sydney).

Northern Territory (NT)

  • Charles Darwin University.

Queensland (QLD)

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Griffith University.
  • James Cook University Australia.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy QUT (Queensland University of Technology).

South Australia (SA)

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy UniSA (University of South Australia).

Tasmania (TAS)

  • University of Tasmania.

Victoria (VIC)

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Melbourne University.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Monash University.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).
  • La Trobe University.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Deakin University.

Western Australia (WA)

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Curtin University.
  • University of Western Australia.

Pharmacy Career

You can do different types of pharmacy work in the healthcare field. It is good to say that pharmacy programs give you promising outcomes in other forms. Many pharmacy occupation opportunities await our graduates, who train brilliantly from well-known pharmacy schools. These are some career outcomes from an extensive list available after getting a degree in pharmacy:

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Aged Care Pharmacists
  • Complex Care Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Consultant
  • Drug Safety Consultant
  • Public Health Advisor
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Entrepreneur
  • Home Healthcare
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Women’s and Newborns’ Pharmacists
  • Science Writer
  • Higher Education Professor
  • Veterinary Pharmacists

Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacy deals directly with the general public. It is a diverse and gratifying career. The primary responsibility here is to care for patients, assisting them with the medicine and its pros and cons. Community pharmacists also advise physicians and healthcare practitioners about the medication. You can do community pharmacy jobs Perth.

Retail Pharmacy

Retail pharmacy is another name for community pharmacy. Pharmacists' primary role in retail pharmacy is to sell over-the-counter drugs and many health-related products. Many graduates own pharmacies or indulge in management positions within the retail chain of the pharmacy industry. There are many retail pharmacy jobs Australia available.

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinics serve many populations daily, and pharmacists are the most trusted person. In clinical Pharmacy, pharmacists must ensure the storing, dispensing, accounting, importing, and compounding of drugs follow strict protocols. There are many clinical pharmacy jobs Melbourne available.

Aged Care Pharmacists

Many old age people need pharmacists when it comes to their medicine intake. Older people take numerous medicines, sometimes unaware of their side effects. In this situation, they need advice on settling their medicine routine to avoid health problems.

Complex Care Pharmacists

It is a new career pathway involving pharmacists working with the hospital and consultant pharmacy as a healthcare team. Pharmacists must take care of post-discharge medications and follow-up plans, considering the high health risk of patients.

Pharmacy Consultant

Consultant pharmacists often work part-time to review drugs while working as part of a healthcare team in other areas of the same field. Such as working in the community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and many more.

Drug Safety Consultant

Pharmacovigilance is an area in pharmacy that focuses on detecting, understanding, and preventing all the problems related to drugs/medication and vaccines. Pharmacists working as drug safety consultants are regularly attached to the government and private healthcare bodies. They are responsible for reporting all the adverse effects of drugs to the ultimate body. They ensure patients are taking safe and reliable pharmaceuticals.

Public Health Advisor

Pharmacists use their skills, knowledge, and experience to advise patients and their clients. Pharmacists can work as Public Health advisors for government and private pharmaceutical bodies, and pharmacists use their advisory role in front of doctors and medical practitioners.

Hospital Pharmacists

Hospital pharmacists work with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to adjust patient medicine. They also check the suitable type of pharmaceutical therapies. While working as a hospital pharmacist, you will learn more and more skills that will help you in career building. Most pharmacists used to work as a hospital pharmacists in their life.


Pharmacy graduates can become successful businessmen. You need to learn more and be consistent in your field from level one. One day or another, you can be an Entrepreneur in this vast industry.

Home Healthcare

Nowadays, many patients want their treatment on their premises rather than in hospitals. Pharmacy graduates can join the home healthcare team to treat patients at their homes. Pharmacists provide medications like antibiotics, pain relief, nutrition, and more. They report complete health progress to the patient’s physicians.

Government Agencies

Many government agencies require expert pharmacist services, such as domestic, state, federal, or armed forces. Many pharmacy graduates work in hospitals and clinics of these agencies.

Women’s and Newborns’ Pharmacists

Providing excellent and effective medications during pregnancy and infants is the primary role in this pharmacy career. Newborn pharmacists must face the challenge of delivering appropriate medicines to premature babies. This type of pharmacist is crucial but highly rewarding.

Science Writer

Many pharmacy graduates are passionate about writing in their fields. Science writing is a highly demanding field—it is a vast opportunity, from researching to evaluating your writing results time by time.

Higher Education Professor

Pharmacy professors play a pivotal role in educating and preparing tomorrow's pharmacists. Pharmacy as a teaching profession gives you more opportunities for advancement. It is the most flexible career in the pharmacy field.

Veterinary Pharmacists

A veterinary Pharmacy is a kind of compounding pharmacy. Pharmacists have to meet the specific drug requirements of pets. Depending on the pet's weight, age, and size, prescription can vary; therefore, it needs more attention.

Occupation in Demand

Studying pharmacy and pharmaceutical science allows you to nominate the occupation/s of pharmacists for Australian General Skilled Migration. The occupation of Chef is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Pathway to Temporary and Permanent Visas

An applicant who nominates an occupation on the MLTSSL list can apply for a:

  • Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa
  • Temporary Skills Shortage Subclass 482 Visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Subclass 494 Visa
  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 Visa
  • Permanent Residence (Permanent Regional) Subclass 191 Visa

An applicant who nominates an occupation on the STSOL list can apply for a:

  • Temporary Skills Shortage Subclass 482 Visa
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Subclass 494 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 Visa
  • Permanent Residence (Permanent Regional) Subclass 191 Visa

Skills Assessment Authority

The Australian Pharmacy Council is the pharmacy skills assessment body for Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. A.p.c main goal is to ensure that all the pharmacists of Australia provide safe and effective healthcare services.

Professional Registration Authority

The Pharmacy Board of Australia is the professional registration authority in Australia. First, you need to clear the skill assessment by the APC Melbourne. The second step is to get registration from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) to get PR and work as a registered pharmacist.

Global Pharmacy Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry is growing every year. The global pharmaceutical sector expects to reach US$1600 Billion next year. North America is the first largest region, and the Asia Pacific is the second number in the global market of pharmacy. Africa is the smallest part of the pharmaceutical market.

Australian Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical distribution and manufacturing connect with Australian Pharmaceutical Industries API in Australia. There are many pharmaceutical companies in Australia, but Australian Pharmaceutical Industries is the largest company in the distribution market. According to the job outlook of Australia, pharmacists' job expects to grow to 2900 by 2023.

Pharmacy Award Rate

The average pharmacy award rate in Australia is A$300 weekly. The pharmacy salary Australia depends upon their experience, and they can easily earn up to A$18000 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pharmacy?

It is a branch of science that deals with the chemistry of medicines, including drug preparation and dispensing. In general, a pharmacy is a place where medicines and drugs are available for sale.

What is a compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy makes custom medicine for patients. A compound pharmacist creates medication for patients allergic to the pre-mixed medicine formulation.

What is a dispenser in a pharmacy?

A dispenser in the pharmacy receives and stores coming medicine and keeps the record. They maintain a stock of inventory (drugs). It is also known as a pharmacy assistant.

Is pharmacy hard in Australia?

Some of the mandatory topics in the pharmacy program, such as pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, and pharmacokinetics, are hard to study. But it is easy for all those candidates who have an interest in this vast field of study.

Is pharmacy a good career in Australia?

Pharmacy is a promising career and the most trusted profession in Australia and worldwide, and it has had a strong presence in society for 100 years. According to research, it is the second most in-demand profession in Australia.

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