Business Visitor Visa Australia

Subclass 600 Business Visitor Visa Australia lets you visit Australia for general business enquiries and negotiate contracts.

Business Visitor Visa Subclass 600

This Subclass 600 Business Visa stream lets you visit Australia for business reasons.

Business Visitor Visa Subclass 600

On Subclass 600 visa in Business Stream you can

The purpose of the Subclass 500 Business Visitor stream is for applicants who are based or employed outside of Australia and intend to travel to Australia for short visits to undertake a business visitor activity that would not have adverse impacts on employment or training opportunities for Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.

  • Make general business or employment enquiries.
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Take part in a conference or trade fair. You can't be paid by the organisers to take part.
  • Be a genuine visitor travelling to Australia for business visitor activities.
  • Be outside Australia when you apply and when we decide your application

On Subclass 600 visa in Business Stream you can not

  • Engage in activities in any form of paid employment in Australia, that could adversely impact on training opportunities or conditions of employment, or employment for Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.
  • Providing ongoing services to an organisation or other person based in Australia.
  • Undertaking any paid employment including highly specialised work in Australia.
  • Undertaking retail activity in Australia such as the sale of goods or services to the general public.
  • Being paid by an organiser as a performer, or guest speaker or presenter at a ticketed event.

Subclass 600 Business Visitor Visa Fees

The subclass 600 visa in business visitor visa stream can only be applied from outside Australia and therefore the application fees will be A$150. Read for more information: Visa 600 Fees and Costs

Business Visitor Visa Australia Processing Time

The processing time for the subclass 600 business visitor visa is as follows:

  • 25% of applications: 5 Days
  • 50% of applications: 13 Days
  • 75% of applications: 22 Days
  • 90% of applications: 34 Days

Read for more information: Visitor Visa Processing Time

Subclass 600 Business Visitor Activity Travel Validity and Stay Periods

The standard travel validity and stay period for Subclass 600 Business Visitor stream applicants is a 12 month travel validity period, with a stay period of 3 months and multiple entries. The longer travel period for up to 3 years, with multiple entries can be  considered by the Department of Home Affairs for lower risk business visitors travelling frequently to Australia. A longer stay period for more than 3 months is generally not considered appropriate for Subclass 600 visa Business Visitor stream applicants, to make sure that there are no adverse impacts for employment or training opportunities, and conditions of employment for Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Subclass 600 Business Visitor stream visa applicants may however request to be considered for a Subclass 600 visa with a longer stay period, in circumstances where there is an existing international agreement, such as a Free Trade Agreement in place relevant to the applicant's nationality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Visitor Visa Australia

Can a tourist open a business in Australia?

On a subclass 600 business visitor visa, you have no work rights to work in Australia. You can only take part in business negotiations, negotiate contracts, take part in conference or trade fair. However you can not be paid for any such activity, or earn any remuneration.

Business Visitor Activity Visa Condition 8115

The visitor visa holder in business stream must not work in Australia other than by engaging in a business visitor activity such as make general business or employment enquiries, negotiate contracts, take part in a conference or trade fair.

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