485 Visa Police Check

You will need Subclass 485 visa police check before you can be granted this visa.

Australian Federal Police Check for Visa 485

Your Subclass 485 visa application must be accompanied by the evidence that you have applied for Australian Federal Police clearance.

Australian Federal Police Check Required for 485 Visa

Purpose of Check AFP for 485 Visa

The purpose of Police check for 485 visa is to prove that the visa applicant is of sound character and is not considered unsuitable person with respect to Australian law.

AFP Check for 485 Visa as time of Application Criteria

Having applied for Australian Federal Police check is a time of application criteria for Subclass 485 visa application. This means that if the visa applicant has not applied for AFP check before he lodges 485 visa application, and attaches the payment receipt as proof of application, then the visa application may attract refusal. The applicant will not be able to provide this evidence after application has been lodged.

AFP Police Check for 485 Visa as time of Decision Criteria

You must submit Australian Federal Police clearance certificate with your 485 visa application before a decision can be made on your visa application to grant the visa. Not submitting the certificate may attract the visa refusal.

Fee for Australian Federal Police Check for 485 Visa

The fees for 485 visa National Police Check and related services are:

  • A$42.00 for each National Police Check application from a government department or an individual.
  • A$99.00 for a fingerprint and National Police Check application where fingerprints are supplied to the AFP on application.

Australian Federal Police Check for Visa 485

You can apply for Australian Federal Police Check for 485 Visa online.

National Police Check for 485 Visa

The Department of Home Affairs might as you to provide police certificate(s) from each country where you have lived for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years as evidence that you satisfy the character requirements. These 12 months are calculated cumulatively and need not be consecutive.

Your name on the police certificate(s) must match the name in your passport and must include any other names or aliases you currently are, or have been known by in the past. If the name on the police clearance certificate(s) received by the Department of Home Affairs is different from your passport, or does not list all other names you have been known by, you will be requested to obtain another police certificate(s).

If you are unable to obtain a police certificate, it is in your best interest to demonstrate to the Department of Home Affairs, with documentary evidence where possible, that you have made a genuine attempt to obtain the relevant certificate(s). If Department of Home Affairs is satisfied that you are unable to obtain a police certificate(s) and have made a genuine attempt to do so, then a waiver of this requirement may be granted.

If you do not provide the police certificate(s) and department is satisfied that it is reasonable for you to provide them, your application may be refused.

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