Subclass 485 Visa Australia for International Students

International students who complete study in Australia can apply for Visa 485 Australia

Temporary Skilled Graduate Subclass 485 Visa

International students in Australia who complete minimum of 2 years study in Australia may be eligible to apply for this visa.

What is 485 Visa

This visa is granted to international students studying in Australia upon completion if their studies in two conditions. Either they have completed a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree or a PhD from an Australian institution; or they have completed a trade qualification with occupation on Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). The course must be on Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) and of minimum two years of duration.

After 485 Visa Expires What to do

A student who is on this visa can apply for 485 extension if they have studied and lived in a designated regional area, and continue to live, work or study in a designated regional area. For Regional cities and major regional centres, this extension is for 1 year; and for other regional centres it is for 2 years.

How to Apply 485 Visa

The prospective applicant must complete a recognised qualification of minimum two years of duration and have a letter from their institution stating that they have fulfilled all the requirements towards the award of that qualification.

485 English Requirement

The applicant must have atleast 5.0 each in IELTS and 6.0 overall or its equivalent in PTE or TOEFL iBT or CAE, that is taken within last 3 years from the date of the application.

Police Check for 485 Visa

The applicant must have the evidence to submit with their application that they have applied for Australian Federal Police Clearance.

485 health insurance

If the applicant moves from their Student visa to a bridging visa when their Student visa ceases, they will be required to obtain a non-OSHC policy to meet the health insurance requirement for their Subclass 485 visa application immediately after their OSHC ceases.

If the applicant’s student visa is still valid at the time of decision for their Subclass 485 visa application and they have not obtained non-OSHC health insurance, the officer may request evidence of adequate arrangements for health insurance from the applicant as the applicant’s OSHC will cease to provide cover when the Subclass 485 visa is granted, and the student visa ceases as a result of this visa grant.

Subsequent Entrant Visa 485

If the applicant has dependent family members, they can be included in the application at the time of the application, or they can lodge application as subsequent entrants after the primary applicant has been granted the visa.

485 Visa to PR

There is no automatic pathway for visa 485 to permanent residency. However, if your studies in Australia helps you to nominate an occupation for skilled migration then you can use the time provided to you by 485 visa to maximise your points such as doing the NAATI test, improving your English, gaining Australian work experience. These can help you to maximise your points for Skilled Migration or secure a job where an employer is ready to sponsor you for an Employer Sponsored visa program.

485 Visa Changes 2021

Due to COVID restrictions the Department of Home Affairs has allowed special considerations as follows: 

- Graduates affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions are now able to apply for and be granted a Temporary Graduate visa outside Australia – they must hold or have held an eligible Student visa.

- Online study undertaken outside Australia will count towards the Australian Study Requirement for existing and new student visa holders.

- Online study outside Australia is counted from the time of Student visa grant only. If you are applying outside Australia, you must hold or have held an eligible Student visa.

485 Visa Cost

Base Application cost is A$1680; Additional applicant charge for any other applicant who is at least 18: A$840; Additional applicant charge for any other applicant who is less than 18: A$425; and A$660, A$330 and A170 respectively for Second Post Study stream.

If an applicant apply for subclass 485 visa subsequent entrant then Base application charge of A$1680 will apply with dependent's charge same as above.

482 vs 485 visa

Subclass 482 is a Temporary work that requires an applicant to be sponsored by an approved business that is operating in Australia. The sponsoring business must comply with the Market Salary Rate for the positions, must conduct labour market testing before they can hire a skilled worker who is not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

In contrast Subclass 485 visa does not require any sponsorship. All students who have completed a minimum two years study in Australia in an approved Institution and an approved course may be eligible for this visa.

485 Visa Document Checklist

You can check the document checklist for 485 visa here:

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