190 Visa NSW - New South Wales

New South Wales 190 Visa requirements and occupations list.

Visa 190 NSW - New South Wales

New South Wales State Nomination for Skilled Nominated Visa 190 provides you with five additional points towards meeting the Department of Home Affairs skilled visa points test pass mark of 65 points.

NSW 190 Requirements

New South Wales (NSW) uses a selection based invitation process to ensure that NSW nominees are aligned with the skills needs for the state's economy.

NSW 190 Visa Basic eligibility

To be considered for New South Wales nomination for skilled nominated subclass 190 visa, at a minimum, you must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Meet all requirements outlined by Department of Home Affairs for subclass 190 visa.
  • Be skilled in an occupation that is: within an ANZSCO unit group identified on the New 'South Wales Skills List for Subclass 190 Visa'; And is eligible for 190 visa.
  • Be currently residing in New South Wales, or offshore, and have continuously done so for a minimum period of six months.
  • Have submitted an EOI Skill Select seeking nomination for the Skilled Nominated 190 visa only for New South Wales.

NSW 190 Occupation List

New South Wales (NSW) invites and nominates Skill Select Expression of Interests (EOI) at the ANZSCO unit group level. To be eligible for NSW nomination you must be skilled in an occupation that satisfies the following conditions:

It is important to note that not all occupations within ANZSCO unit groups are eligible for the respective visa. You will need to talk to one of our consultant to ensure your occupation is eligible for subclass 190 visa before starting the process.

NSW 190 Invitation Round

NSW 190 Invitation Rounds

Invitation rounds occur ongoing throughout the financial year. There are no set dates, and rounds are not announced beforehand. We cannot advise the date of upcoming invitation rounds or the provide the likelihood your Skill Select EOI will be invited to apply for nomination. We generally consider such things as points score, English proficiency, and years of skilled experience during invitation rounds. Being invited to apply for NSW nomination is at the sole discretion of the NSW Government.

When you submit, or amend, your Skill Select EOI does not affect your likelihood of being invited to apply for NSW nomination.

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