South Australia 190 Visa

South Australia 190 Visa requirements and occupations list.

Skilled Nominated Visa 190 South Australia

South Australia State Nomination for Skilled Nominated Visa 190 provides you with five additional points towards meeting the Department of Home Affairs skilled visa points test pass mark of 65 points.

Subclass 190 Visa South Australia (SA)

South Australia offers a state nomination pathway for the Skilled Nominated 190 Visa if you meet the state nomination requirements. This is a permanent visa that allows you to stay in South Australia indefinitely. State nomination from South Australia provides you with five additional points to help you qualify for a subclass 190 visa under the Department of Home Affairs points test. To apply for this skilled migration visa from the Department of Home Affairs, you must:

  • Be under the age of 45
  • Have a valid skills assessment
  • Have an eligible skilled occupation
  • Have at least 65 points – you can check your points on the Department of Home Affairs points calculator
  • Have at least Competent English.  

For South Australian state nomination for Visa 190, you must:

  • Meet the Department of Home Affairs visa requirements.
  • Meet state-specific occupation requirements and have skills in an occupation available on our State Skilled Occupation List.
  • Be eligible for state nomination under one of South Australia’s nomination streams.

There are a range of nomination streams for skilled migrants seeking to live and work in South Australia. Please go through each of the streams before applying for state nomination to see if you are eligible.

1. South Australian Graduates

If you are an international graduate, who has studied in South Australia, you may be eligible for 190 Visa Australia state nomination as a skilled migrant faster than other candidates. High Performing Graduates may also benefit from certain concessions or waivers under this stream. Read more about the South Australian Graduates stream.

2. Working in South Australia

If you are a skilled migrant, currently living in South Australia and working in your nominated occupation, you may be eligible for Visa 190 Australia state nomination through this pathway. Candidates may include temporary visa holders, international graduates, self-employed applicants, and sub-contractors. Read more about the Working in South Australia stream.

3. Outer Regional South Australia

If you are a skilled migrant, making an important contribution to supporting regional South Australian communities and businesses, you may benefit from certain work experience concessions under this stream. Working holiday makers may also apply for Visa Subclass 190 nomination under this pathway. Read more about the Outer Regional South Australia stream.

4. Long Term Residents

If you are a long-term resident of South Australia, who does not qualify under the other nomination streams and you are not currently working in your nominated occupation, you may be eligible for Subclass 190 Visa state nomination through this stream. Safe Haven Enterprise visa holders may also apply under this pathway. Read more about the Long Term Residents stream.

5. Highly Skilled and Talented

If you are a highly skilled migrant, who can contribute your demonstrated talent and/or support innovation in South Australia, you can register your interest in state nomination under this pathway. Candidates may include skilled migrants living in South Australia, other Australian states and territories, and offshore. Read more about the Highly Skilled and Talented stream.

6. Offshore

If you are a skilled migrant currently living offshore, who has submitted an Expression of Interest using the Commonwealth Government’s SkillSelect system, you may be selected by South Australia and invited to apply for state nomination. Read more about the Offshore stream.

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