Medical Examination for 485 Visa

You will need medical examination when you apply for Subclass 485 visa in Australia

Medical Health Check Visa 485 in Australia

Australia enjoys one of the best health standards in the world. To maintain these standards most visa applicants will be required to meet minimum health standards before the Department of Home Affairs will grant you a visa.

Medical Examination 485 Visa Australia

You and all your dependent family members who are also applying for a visa with you will be required to have 485 visa health examinations to prove that you meet the Australia's health requirement. If you come from a country where there are public health concerns, such as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Polio, then you might need to have more health examinations.

If your family member's are not applying for the visa with you, then in some circumstances, they still might be asked to undergo 485 visa medical check. Your referral letter will tell you what examinations you need to take.

Subclass 485 Visa Medical Examination Fee

You will be responsible for paying for any costs to do with your 485 health examinations, including the cost of:

  • The examining physician or radiologists.
  • Any special tests, investigations or treatment needed.
  • Any specialists you need to see.
  • Courier fees.

Bupa Medical Services will charge the fees as follows:

  • Medical examination: A$249.10
  • Medical Examination and Chest X-Ray: A$345.10

If eMedical is not available at the examining clinic

If you are having your 485 visa health check at a clinic that does not use eMedical, then you will need to download and print the following forms and bring them to your appointment:

  • Form 26 Medical examination for an Australian visa.
  • Form 160 Radiological report on chest x-ray of an applicant for an Australian visa.

After your 485 Visa Medical Check

After your 485 visa health examinations, the panel physician who examines you:

  • Will records the results; and
  • Makes a recommendation to Department of Home Affairs about your health status.

The panel physician will not tell you whether they think you have met the health check visa 485 requirement. The panel clinic submits the results and recommendation to Department of Home Affairs for assessment. You will either:

  • Have met the health requirement; or
  • Your case will be sent to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) for their opinion.

The Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) might ask you to:

  • Provide more information.
  • Have more health checks.

Bupa 485 Visa Health Examination

In Australia, you can book the 485 visa health check with Bupa Medical Visa Services. BUPA is the only authorised migration medical services provider in Australia. If you are outside Australia when you lodge your 485 visa application, then you will need to contact Department of Home Affair's approved panel of physicians.

If you have an appointment that you are not able to attend, then you should cancel or change your booking as soon as possible through Bupa's online booking system​. You can also cancel or change your appointment online or by calling Bupa's Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. You will require the HAP ID you used to make the appointment to make changes to a booking.​

Bupa 485 Visa Medical Check Appointment

When you go to your bupa medical examination for 485 visa appointment, you will need to bring:

  • A valid passport in an original format (digital copies or photocopies are not acceptable); and
  • Your HAP ID including your ‘Health Examination List’ letter or the Referral Letter provided by the Department of Home Affairs.

If you lodged visa 485 application online, your HAP ID is in the Referral Letter you download from your ImmiAccount when you apply.

When you will not need 485 visa medical check

You might not need to have all the health examinations again if you had any in the last 12 months.

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