491 Visa Invitation Round

Subclass 491 visa invitation round is run by state and territory governments where individuals with highest points are invited to apply for 491 visa.

Subclass 491 Invitation Round for Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

State and Territory Governments will run Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 invitations cyclically for the program year 2023-2024. Subclass 491 invitations in each round will vary depending on the number of positions allocated by the Department.

Subclass 491 Visa Invitation Round 2024

Subclass 491 invitation rounds for Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa are issued by the Department of Home Affairs cyclically for the program year. The total number of 491 invitations issued by the department depends upon the departmental priorities and Australian government policy. State or Territory government nominations for skilled migration visas are not impacted by the departmental invitation rounds.

Occupation Ceilings for 491 Invitation Rounds

Occupation ceiling may be applied to invitations issued for 491 visa. This means there can be a maximum limit imposed on the number of invitations issued for a particular occupation group in each invitation round. This is done to ensure that general skilled migration program stays balanced by inviting applicants to apply for skilled migration across a variety of skilled occupations.

Occupation ceilings for Visa 491 invitation are based on employment figures for each occupation. These employment figures are provided by Australian Bureau of Statistics and reflect the number of people employed for each occupation in Australia, and the demand for that occupation in the industry.

Occupation ceilings do not apply to state or territory nominations.

Invitation Rounds 491 Process and Cut Off Points

In each 491 invitation the highest ranked individuals by point score are invited to apply for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 visa. Those who have same points are prioritised based on the date when they reached their points score, with the expression of interest with earlier date will be given 491 visa invitation before the later date.

Next 491 Invitation Round

The state and territory governments will issue 491 invitations throughout each month.

State and Territory Nominations

State and Territory Government nominations are run throughout the month for eligible points tested individuals and are not impacted by 189 rounds. The number of prospective migrant who received nominations from State or Territory Governments from 01-July-2023 to 30-June-2024 is shown below:

Visa Subclass

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491) Visa

















Subclass 491 Invitation Round Frequently Asked Questions

When will be the next Invitation 491 round?

The 491 invitations rounds will be run throughout each month.

What were the minimum points in last 491 Visa Invitations?

Subclass 491 invitations were issued at minimum 65 points.

What was the cut off date for Visa 491 Invitations?

The cut off date for the EOI's for which 491 invitations were issued was March 2024.

How long you have to wait to be selected in subclass 491 Visa Invitation Round?

The waiting time currently is nil.

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