Subclass 600 Visitor Health Insurance

All visitors to Australia should have health insurance to be covered for unexpected medical expenses for the duration of stay in Australia.

Subclass 600 Visa Health Insurance

You need health insurance for visa 600, because while visiting Australia, you are financially responsible for any health care debts you incur in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs might consider any previous outstanding health debts you have incurred in the past, when you apply for a visa.

Health Insurance for Visitor Visa 600

Mostly visitors to Australia do not have access to Medicare, and are therefore responsible for all costs associated with hospital, medical and para-medical health care rendered in Australia, whether provided in a public and or private hospital setting. Medicare is the publicly funded universal health care insurance scheme in Australia that is operated by the nation's social security department.

In the absence of Medicare eligibility, all visitors to Australia are strongly encouraged to make their own arrangements for private health insurance, regardless of whether it is their visa condition or not. This is to ensure that they are fully covered for any unplanned medical and or hospital care they may need while visiting Australia.

Visitor Visa Health Insurance providers

Bupa, HCF, Medibank, nib, Australian Unity and hif are some of the private health insurance providers, providing insurance covers which not only provide you appropriate health cover but their health cover also complies with visa requirements.

Health Insurance for Visitors to Australia Benefit Levels

You should get health insurance for 600 visa cover that is appropriate to your age and health condition and should cover the following as minimum:

Public hospital

  • A benefit equal to the state or territory health authority gazetted rates for admitted ineligible patient treatment for day and overnight hospital accommodation that includes all costs such as intensive care, theatre, ward drugs, and labour wards.
  • Emergency department fees that are followed up by an admission into the hospital.
  • Admitted patient care and postoperative services that are a continuation of care associated with an early discharge from hospital.
  • All admitted treatments covered by the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS).

Visa 600 Health Insurance Pharmacy Cover

Your 600 visitor visa health insurance cover must cover for all Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) listed drugs, prescribed according to PBS approved indications, that are administered during and form part of an admitted episode of care, a benefit equal to the PBS listed price in excess of the patient contribution. This includes the cost of PBS listed drugs administered post discharge if they form part of the admitted episode of care.

Subclass 600 Visa Health Insurance Ambulance Services Cover

Your health insurance for visitor visa must cover your 100 per cent of the charge not otherwise covered by third-party arrangements for transport by ambulance provided by, or under an arrangement with, a government approved ambulance service when medically necessary for admission to hospital, emergency treatment onsite, or inter hospital transfer for emergency treatment. This includes inter hospital transfers that are necessary because the original admitting hospital does not have the required clinical facilities. It does not extend to transfers due to patient preferences.

Visitor Visa 600 Health Insurance Australia Waiting Periods

The Australian Government sets the maximum waiting periods that an Australian registered private health insurer can impose for hospital treatments for health insurance visitor visa 600, these include:

  • 12 months for pregnancy and birth related treatments (obstetrics).
  • 12 months for pre-existing conditions.
  • Two months for psychiatric treatments, rehabilitation or palliative care, even for a pre existing condition.
  • Two months in all other circumstances.

Health Insurance Visitor Visa 600 Global Annual Benefit Limits

To comply with the minimum level of health insurance, the per-person, per annum benefit must not be less than A$1,000,000.

Visitor Health Insurance Out of Hospital Cover

For out of hospital treatments where an MBS item number and benefit is payable, cover should include benefits up to the benefit listed in the MBS. Except where otherwise stated, an Australian registered private health insurer can determine whether it provides cover for out-of-hospital treatments and, as such, consumers may choose to purchase additional cover to meet their individual health care needs while in Australia.

Subclass 600 Visa Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is visitor visa 600 health insurance 8501?

Visitor visa 600 health insurance condition 8501 specifies that the visa holder must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while the visa holder is in Australia.

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