Student Visa Extension Australia

If you have not yet completed your studies and your student visa is expiring, then you can apply for extension of your student visa.

Extend Student Visa Australia

While there is no automatic extending student visa in Australia, you can apply for extension student visa Australia, if you have not yet finished your studies in Australia.

Extend Student Visa

If you are an extend visa student, then you will need to lodge a student visa application, if your current student visa is expiring and your studies have not yet finished. The reason of delay of your studies could be delay from the institution, you reduced your workload for a term, you have failed some units and redo them again. To extend your visa, you will need to lodge a new application. The complexity in student visa extension comes from your academic progress and progression. Therefore, the application process needs to be carefully handled.

How to extend student visa in Australia?

The application for visa extension Australia student is lodged in the same way as application for a new student visa is lodged. However the supporting documentation required for the application will depend upon your current circumstances; such as units of study left, academic performance and progression.

You must apply for student visa before your current student visa expires. When you apply for student visa application, you will be granted a bridging visa that will keep you lawful in Australia, for as long as your student visa application is under processing. If you fail to apply for the student visa before your current student visa expires, then you will become unlawful in Australia.

An unlawful person is a person who is not an Australian citizen or Permanent resident, and remains in Australia without a valid visa. Unlawful non citizens are subject to detention and deportation, the costs of which are recoverable from the non citizen.

Student Visa Extension Fee Australia

The application fees for student visa extend Australia are A$710 for primary applicant, A$530 for secondary applicant who is above 18 years of age, A$175 for secondary applicant who is less than 18 years of age. If this is your first application for a temporary visa while being in Australia then you wont be charged 'Subsequent Temporary Application Charge', otherwise A$700 of additional application charge for each of the applicant will be applicable. Learn more about Student visa extension fees: Australia Student Visa Fees

Document Checklist for Extension of Student Visa Australia

  • Identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, proof of name change such as marriage or divorce certificate.
  • If you are or have been married, widowed, divorced or permanently separated, provide proof such as marriage certificates, divorce documents, death certificates, separation documents or statutory declarations.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • All applicants must provide Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • For an applicant is under 18, copies of birth certificates or the family book showing the names of both parents; or adoption papers (if applicable).
  • All academic certificates and transcripts.
  • Employment reference letters.
  • English test results such as IELTS or PTE Academic or TOEFL or OET; or evidence of completion of substantial component of an Australian qualification at certificate IV level or higher.
  • Any professional registration or license certificate.
  • Your curriculum vitae or resume that includes your full employment and educational history, including dates and positions held within last ten years.
  • Current COE that reflects extended study time period.
  • Letter from the Institution reflecting units completed and units currently enrolled.

Student Visa Extension Australia Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student visa be extended?

Yes, you can extend your student visa, if you have not yet finished your studies for any reason.

Do I need IELTS for student visa extension?

Generally you will not require IELTS or PTE for student visa extension.

How much is the Australia student visa extension fee?

If you are lodging your first temporary visa application while being onshore inside Australia, then standard Visa Application charge will be applicable. If this is your second or more temporary visa application being lodged while you were inside Australia, then an additional subsequent temporary application charge of A$700 will be applicable for each applicant who is lodging his/her second or more visa application while being onshore.

How to extend student visa in Australia?

There are no provisions of an extension or renewal of student visa. You will be lodging a new student visa application, although with less supporting documentation.

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