Australia Student Visa Fees

Australian Student Visa Fee for Student, Dependent Family Members and any exemptions that are available.

Australian Student Visa Application Fee

You can check here Australian student visa 500 fees as primary applicant (Student) and secondary applicants (dependent family members). Some other Australia student visa application fees are also discussed.

Student Visa Application Fee

Student Visa Australia Cost for Primary Applicant

The base application charge for Australian Subclass 500 visa fee is A$710.

Student Visa Cost for Student Visa Secondary Applicants

Australia student visa fee for Secondary applicant is A$710 if they lodge independent application. The student visa fees Australia for secondary applicants who is at least 18 will be A$530, and for applicant who is less than 18 the student visa cost Australia will be be A$175; if they apply as combined applicants with the primary applicant.

Student Visa Extension Fee

Student visa extension fee Australia 2023 is A$710 when you apply for first extension to continue to study in Australia. However if your student visa extension application is 2nd or more temporary application since you arrived in Australia, then an additional A$700 will be added into the applicable visa fee for each applicant.

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500 Fees

If a dependent family member of a student visa holder who wishes to join the student visa holder in Australia then they will lodge Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant Visa. Application fees for such visa will be A$710 for first applicant, and an applicant who is at least 18 will be A$530, and for applicant who is less than 18 will be be A$175.

However if the application is lodged while dependent family members are in Australia, and the Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant is a second temporary application being lodged while they have been in Australia, then each member of the family lodging application will pay an extra A$700 as subsequent temporary application charge.

Student Visa Fee Waiver

The student visa Australia fees can be waived by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs for a further student visa application, if the student held a student visa on of after 1 February 2020 and couldn't complete their course within the original visa validity period because of the impact of COVID-19. This includes students who:

  • have deferred your study as you were unable to enter Australia because of travel restrictions.
  • were forced to reduce to a part-time study load.
  • were unable to complete your work-based training or placements.

This measure is not intended for students who are applying for a new student visa because of ordinary reasons (including if they have deferred for personal reasons, or failed a course or a unit of study, or voluntarily reduced their study load).

You must apply for a Student visa to have your application for a student visa fee waiver Australia considered and attach a completed Form 1545 COVID-19 Impacted Student from your education provider. If you are applying for a fee waiver in Australia, this waiver only applies to the VAC, and a Bridging visa will not be issued automatically as the fee exemption must be checked first.

Student visa holders who are outside Australia and arrive between 19 January 2022 and 19 March 2022 may be eligible for student visa fee refund Australia.

Student Visa Fee Refund

If you have paid for a visa application charge or visa extension charge that has been affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions you may be eligible for a refund of your Visa Application Charge (VAC). You can only request a refund if you are the person shown as the payer on your original student visa application fee receipt. Read for more information: Student Visa Refund

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Australia Student Visa Fee?

The Australian student visa fees is A$710.

How much is the Student Visa Extension Fee?

Students apply for student visa extension while they are in Australia, and the fees for first extension is A$710. Any subsequent extension will be A$1410.

Is Australian Student Visa Fee Refundable?

No, Australian student visa application fees is not refundable.

How to Refund Student Visa Fee Australia?

There are no provisions to apply for refund of AUS student visa fee once the application has been submitted. In limited circumstances the Australian Department of Home Affairs may decide to refund the application fees if it finds that an invalid application has been submitted.

How to Pay Student Visa Application Fee Australia?

Applicants pay student visa fee in 2024 with debit or credit card online when application is submitted.

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